[At the top of the image, from left to right:]

Wooden Fleet.

[USS] Wabash, outside bar.

wreck of Ruby
Block: runner.

Gen Gilmore’s Lookout
U.S. Camp, & old rebel batteries
Now altered to Fort Shaw.

Folly Island & Lookout
Light house Inlet
Old rebel Lookout on ruins of
Charleston L House.

Folly River
Left Batteries

[At the bottom of the image, from left to right:]

[USS New] Ironsides & Monitors

Flanking Battery

Old Sally-port


Surf Battery
    1st & 2nd Para’lells

Beacon House

New U.S. Batteries looking towards Sumter

Creek & wet

[In corner:] MORRIS I.

[Caption below image:]

July 10th Batteries on Folly’s Island opened. Strong’s Brigade moved up Folly’s river in boats,landed on Morris Island
and stormed rebel batteries on sand-hills. Reserves crossed Lighthouse Inlet. 7th NH. ordered to front, moved up beyond
Beacon House, picketed across the Island, opened the 1st parallel at night, 11th. On picket in front. Opened 2d parellel at night.
12th [11th ]Unsuccessful attack of Strong’s Brigade on Wagner at daybreak, 7th NH. 3d NH. 100th NY.in reserve at 1st parallel.
[100th] relieves 7th at picket. 7th falls back to rear lookout. 14th Shells from Sumter bursting in camp. (1 every 15” [minutes]) Camp moved back beyond lookout
18th General bombardment of Wagner from 1st & 2d parallels, left batteries and fleet. Assault at sundown. US. forces entered
bastion towards beach, held it for an hour. Colonel Putnam killed on corner of parapet. Retired for want of