[18 Oct. 1907] Monday night. [14 October 1907] [The letter was written on 14 October 1907 ("Monday night") but it appears that the letter was mailed several days later. The date "18 Oct. 1907" was most likely added to the letter based on the postmark on the envelope.]
I am at "Sevenels Brookline" [printed on stationary]
After writing my letter I was
afraid you would
go there

Dear Robert

It is quite
impossible to tell you what
comfort your letter gave
me. Of course I want
to see you, and I can
promise you that this
time there will be no

disappointments. I knew that
your visit last autumn
was a failure, but I
could not seem to do
any better — My effort
to amalgamate conflicting
forces was not at all
successful and took
away all my feeling of
freedom & spontaneity. It
is good of you to think that my life will be a success, I
don’t know why you think so as
I have never made a success
of anything. But it does cheer
me to have you believe so.

Can’t you come up and spend
at least a night (as many more
as you will) with me here. We
will talk & drive. I am most
anxious to talk about your work,
your poems, & the big indian plains
you wrote about. It would be a
real help to me to see you, &
please do not think me whining
if I say that the work of reconstruction
is not easy, and I need all the
help I can get. I am so sorry
that Sophie has had such a hard time,
please give her ever so much love from me.

If she is well enough to see me at all,
I could come down in my motor to see her
any time. Will you come up on Thursday or

would some day next week
suit you better. I have an
engagement on Friday afternoon
but shall be free after 4.30
but unfortunately on
Saturday I have a wedding
all the afternoon & an
engagement in the evening.

Thursday is quite free, & if

you will only stay Thursday
& Friday, I will treat you as
I know you want to be
treated and leave you on
Friday afternoon. I am
not quite sure about next
week yet, as I have
made an engagement for
two nights which depends on
the other person, but I shall
know by Wednesday, & will
write you at once there if you would prefer next week. we can plan thus) The
reason I do not say tomorrow
or Wednesday is because tomorrow
I visit a public library on the
edge of the state (I am one of the
State Board of Library Visitors) & shall
not get home until nearly ten, &
on Wednesday I am going to be

I go into all this just
to show you how very much I do want
to see you as soon as possible.

I am so sorry that Sophie
is not well enough to come too.

I am very tired & am going
to stop to go to bed. I got up at
5.30 and it is now after

A great deal of love
to you both, my good & faithful
friends.     Affectionately, always.
A l.