Boston, February 24.

LAST Week was
taken up and
committed to the Cus-
tody of the SONS OF
LIBERTY in this
Town, a most detestable
Object, lately transport-
ed to America -- Notice
being given, a Jury was
summon'd, and a Bill
found, setting forth that
the said Prisoner did on
the first of November
last, endeavour to make
its Appearance in a for-
cible Manner, and in
Defiance of the known
and establish'd Laws of the British Constitution, to
deprive the Subject of his Rights and Privileges, &c.
-- They then proceeded to Tryal, which lasted two
Hours, and after many learned Debates, the Evidence
was so clear, that the Jury without going out of
Court found the said Prisoner guilty of a Breach of
Magna Charta, and a Design to subvert the British
Constitution, and alienate the Affections of His Ma-
Jesty's most loyal and dutiful Subjects in America from
his Person and Government -- Sentence was immedi-
ately past by the honorable Judge of the said Court,
and accordingly executed in the following Manner --
A Stage having two Effigies thereon was erected, one
of them representing B--te dress'd in Plaid, the other
G--le; over whom was a Gallows, on which the
Devil appeared with a Stamp Act, and a Stamp Paper
in one Hand, and a Chain in the other hanging over
the Gallows, with the following Words proceeding
out of his Mouth to G--le, who held a Lock in
his left Hand, Force it -- to which he answer'd, That
we will upon the REBELS; -- B-te who held a
Key in his right Hand replies; We can't do it! --
Upon the Stamp Paper were these Words, For the
Oppression of the WIDOW and FATHERLESS. --
Previous to this Execution on Thursday Morning last
Notifications were found posted up in several Parts of
the Town, of which the following is a Copy:

Boston, THURSDAY 20 th February 1766

THE Committee of the true-born Sons of Liberty
having in their Possession a Piece of Paper
mark'd with America's Oppression* [Asterisk mark indicates there is a note below. ] -- DO hereby
Notify their Brethren, that they are determin'd to
make a public Exhibition of it under the TREE OF
LIBERTY This Morning, where it will hang till
XII o'Clock, and then be taken down and committed
to the Flames -- together with the Effigies of the
Authors of this Oppression.

[Asterisk reference mark:] * A Crown Stamp

Between two and three Thousand People assem-
bled on this Occasion, and at the Time appointed
the Effigies were taken down, and three Cheers given:
After which by the Desire of a Number of Gentlemen
they were carried thro' the principal Streets of the
Town in a Cart, and back again to Liberty Tree,
where three Cheers were again given -- They then
proceeded to the Gallows on Boston Neck, and after
kindling a large Bonfire, they consumed therein the
Effigies and the Badge of Slavery -- This being done
they gave three Cheers and departed --The Sons
of Liberty afterwards repair'd to their own Appartment
in Hanover Square, where the following Toasts were
drank -- GEORGE the Third, our gracious, rightful
and lawful Sovereign -- Success to the Royal House of
Hanover -- Confusion to its Enemies -- A Repeal of the
Stamp Act -- A perpetual Itching without the Benefit
of Scratching to its Friends -- Long Life, Health and
Prosperity to all the Sons of Liberty on the Continent
-- The whole was conducted with the greatest De-
cency and Order.

The Friday preceeding the TREE OF LIBERTY
was prun'd after the best Manner, agreeable to a Vote
pass'd by the Committee of the true-born SONS of
LIBERTY at their last Meeting in Hanover Square,
when a Number of Carpenters were appointed for that
Purpose and a Gentleman well skill'd in those affairs
as a Director. After they had compleated it, the
Clerk according to the Direction of the Chairman, de-
sired them to bring in their Bill in order to receive
their Pay, but they refused to take any Thing, as it
was for the public Good; and further added, that
they were always ready to serve the true-born Sons
of Liberty, whenever occasion call'd for it, and should
think themselves very happy, whenever their service
was acceptable. -- Since which a large Plate has been
affix'd to the Tree, with the following Inscription, viz.
" This Tree was planted in the Year 1646, and
prun'd by Order of the SONS OF LIBERTY, Febru-
ary 14, 1766." So that the Tree is now become a
great Ornament to the Square. -- And we doubt not
but the TREE of LIBERTY will thrive and flourish,
when all the Friends to the Stamp Act will decay and