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Whereas it has been proposed, in the
State Council of Massachusetts, that a state
ment of the principles on which the Ameri-
can party of this state shouldwill, in relation
to the whole Union, should be prepared, the
preparation of which statement was referred
to a committee to report to the next meeting of
the State Council to be holden at Springfield
on the second day of August next; The members of
Subordinate Council No 5. here by make
known their sentiments and resolve,

1st. The Constitution of the United States is
the guide of the Citizens of each State in all
matters relating to the welfare of the whole
This resolution was unanimously adopted.

2nd. Each State is an independent Sovereignty --
Subject only in national affairs to the consti
tution of the United States:--
(This resolution was unanimously adopted)

3rd Involuntary servitude is a sectional, and
not a national institution.
(Adopted by a majority).

4th The native born citizens only to be eligible
to office under the Federal Government:
(Unanimously adopted.)

5th No person who is not a protestant and a na-
tive born citizen of the United States shall
be sent to any foreign power as the representa
tive of the United States:--
(Adopted unanimously.)

6th. A liberal and discriminating encourage
ment to American industry;--
(Unanimously adopted.)

7th. A resolute and absolute denial of the
secular and Spiritual powers claimed
by the Papal Church:-- Any person acknowl
edging the same or submitting thereto shall
not be permitted to hold any office under
the Federal Government:--
(Unanimously adopted.)

8th No foreign criminal or pauper permitted
to remain within the territory of the
United States
(Adopted unanimously)

9th No person of foreign birth shall be natural
ized unless he has resided within the United
States for twenty one consecutive years when
he may be permitted to the elective franchise
but shall not be eligible to any office under
the Federal Government:--
(Adopted unanimously)

It was then moved and seconded that the
foregoing preamble and resolutions be unani
mously adopted as the sentiments of this coun
cil, carried without dissent.