I wrote to my dear friend Mrs Warren Novr the 10th Favord
by Mr. Allen Otis, but have not heard whether it was receivd. I have
been with impatience wishing to know the cause of this interval
of Silence. Altho I bring you in debt, I cant miss the return of
Your amiable Son to put you in mind you lie near my heart,
and I am anxious Least your want of health has been the
reason that you have not given me the pleasure of that communion
of Soul with which you have often favord me.

I have no news of a domestick kind to tell you, we go on in the
same little peacefull Circle as usual Varied with alternate
sickness & health, sometimes Amused, sometimes astonishd with Viewing
Events which happen in the great World. Here, beholding
a See becoming Vacant in a Sudden Surprising manner. but
it is best for one so near the seat where Candor ought to Reign,
to draw a Veil over what the Delinquent tenderly Calls
Human imperfections. I know you join me in earnest wishes
that it may be filld with a person who may do Honor to the
Station. Yonder, the destruction of the detestable weed, made so by
cruel exaction, engages our attention. The Virtuous & Noble
resolution of America's Sons in defiance of threatned desolation

& misery from arbitary Despots. demands our highest regard
may they yet be endowd with all that firmness necessary to
Carry them thro all their difficulties till they come off Conquerors
I was sorry to see the Protest from Plimouth. If we could see
their Connections & expectations affixd to their names, it would
Let us into the prime movement of their narrow hearts & it
be would be no great task to trace the original influencer.
We hope to see a good account of the Tea Cast away on the
Cape. The Union of the Colonies, the firm & sedate resoluti
on of the People is an Omen for good unto us. And be it
known unto Britain, even American daughters are Politicians
& Patriots and will aid the good work with their Female
Efforts. Mr Winthrop desires his sincere regards with mine
may be accepted by Coll Warren & you, my love attends the
Young Masters. I subscribe

Your affectionate
Hannah Winthrop

I have not been favord with
a line from my Friend since the
distant date of Sept 27, 1773.

Jan'ry the 1st 1774


[Subscription (recipient's name at foot of page)]

Mrs Warren


Mrs Winthrop
Jany 1st 1774