With a painfull anxiety I parted with my dear Friend Mrs. Warren
last thursday evening, & very soon found the rising Sable Cloud
predicting a Rougher Scene than those happy moments afforded us in the
warm Effusions of reciprocal Friendship with which the day had blest us. We had
a convincing display of the Utility of pointed Conductors by the ringing of our Lightning
Bells which I wish you had seen, though to some persons it appears in a Presumptous
light for mortals to meddle with the grand Artillery of Heaven.

I was greatly apprehensive the Fatigues of the heat & the ride would prove
detrimental to the tender Frame of her who holds a Large share in my Affections
& for whose whole deportment with the kindest Testimonies of Love I must Con
clude allows me to lay near her heart. Friday morn I hasted to Mrs Otises
to see my dear Friend & found her gone to Plimouth, the extream heat of
the season, the journey before her, gave me fresh anxiety, but as I have found
from frequent experience many things which appear gloomy in Prospect
have terminated happily, therefore I will hope your health will not be materially
injured, but the joy of seeing your Little happy flock in peace, will compensate
for all the toil you have passd thro in giving your Friends, this way, Pleasure.
When I would express gratitude for the instructive Sentiments of your Last
obliging letter, allow me to whisper to you the mortification your Friend must feel

in the too good opinion you have formd of her. I cant but Blush that she falls
so far short of it. I am not one of those Mortals who are insensible to the
esteem of my Contemporaries, it is what I highly Value, but I joyn with
You in that Truly striking thought. That the Final Plaudit of the supream
Judge will be an ample recompense for the most disquieting moments we can
feel in this temporary existance.     Dear Mrs. Warren, I often contemplate
Your & my happy Lot in the kind disposition of Providence in our dear Consorts
formd with disinterested enlargd minds, not only pursuing the happiness of
Mankind in general, but making happy Domestic life, not keeping that awfull
distance some persons imagine Heaven designd between the Social Tye, who look upon
Wives only fit for domestick use. I am sure we may Bless ourselves in Consorts
who delight in forming our Ideas & in Communicating Intellectual Pleasure.

'While each delighting & delighted gives
'The pleasing extasy which each receives.

We may Bless ourselves in not being united to those Lordly men who are incapable
of any pleasure but what results from their own consummate wisdom, & in the
accumulation of riches & honor, tho at the expense of everything humane & Virtuous

Give me Leave to express my thanks to you for your acceptable presents by
your Son, which is a fresh token of your kind Affection. I hope Coll Warrens
absense from Court at this important Crisis will be but short. I hear a Great

Personage is Tremulous, may our Patriots be endowd with all that resolution
& firmness Necessary for the detection of those enemies of our happy Constitution
How miserable must that heart feel which has placd all its happiness,
which has Labord with all its might Sacrific'd all the tender feelings given up all
given up all the esteem & good will of its Country in pursuing & grasping wealth
& honor, when detected & about to be strippd of all its Guilty Magnificence;
who would envy, the self enjoyment of such a person?

Our kind Patron Your good Father, will be the bearer of this, who
I hope will be able to give you an account of the Completion of the good
work begun in an Honb House, which I know, as He is a good
Patriot, he will rejoyce in. I think I have complyd with your desire
in writing you a long Letter. Mr. Winthrop joyns me in Sincere
Regards to Coll Warren & you. I subscribe Yours Affectionately

Hannah Winthrop

Cambridge June 23

My Son Johny, who has
returnd from his Journey with a
slow Fever, Perceives I am writing
Desires I would beware of imparting
Treason to a Sister Heart


Mrs Winthrop