My dear Philomela

Let me Salute you with the returning spring, and
congratulate you on the memorable interposition of a kind Providence in changing
the Face of our affairs & delivering us from those pestiferous barbarians, the Troops
of George. Let us adore & magnify that Glorious Being who hath
wrought this great work for us. The dispossesing our enemies,
by force, of their strong holds doubtless would have causd the death
of thousands, & rivers of blood would have been the costly Libations
I think a divine superintending power most legible thro the
whole of this grand movement. It would be needless for me to mention
the preliminary steps taken by the wise & great General Washington
as I doubt not you know the particulars; but the accomplishments of the desir'd
Event before all the measures could be executed, is truly marvellous in
our eyes & must dilate our hearts with gratitude. But the destruction
in Boston, The devastation in Charlestown & Cambridge, the ruin
brought on many Families formerly blest with domestic happiness, can't
but Excite our commiseration, But oh ye unhappy subjects of pity,
we wish an indulgent Heaven may redress your Sufferings, Ah

How swift his saving arm, when meekly still
The man of sorrow Learns Celestial will!
Thee too he calls; for thee prepares release,
Fullness & Feast & Virtues heaven born peace.

When I write to my Friend who is so well versd in
Politicks, I cant forbear chatting with her a little on the subject, by way of
acquiring knowledge

You have read the celebrated Phamplet Common Sense & the appendix in last
thursday paper. It would gratify me to know your opinion of the
last Paragraph, which proposes an act of oblivion &c. Methinks
the Whigs who have sufferd the loss of every thing dear in life
must be possesd of souls more than human to assent to such an
article. Query, whether setting aside the horrors of Conscience which
must have been the attendant on Toryism, they would not be in
vastly more preferable circumstances than those who have struggled
thro all difficulties & dangers & have nothing in Prospect but
poverty & want? such an article seems calculated for the
Latitude of Philadelphia, which has been exempt from all
Suffering, but I fancy will hardly suit the Climate of Boston,
Charlestown &c.

I heartily give you joy on the restoration of your
dear partner to health. I heard of his illness in the time of it & I assure
you attended you both with the tenderest Sympathy.

I am unhappy that I cant meet you at Watertown, but there
is no Lodgings to be had, If the roads would permit me to go
& return in a day, I shall certainly improve the opportunity.
I hope it wont be long before we shall return to the once delightfull
now almost ruind Town of Cam. where I shall take the highest
pleasure in the Company of my dear Friend Mrs Warren. I long to
peep into her Cabinet of Manuscripts I want to find another Act of
the entertaing Group, The Epilogue Too I have been looking for
with impatience. There is now a fine Field for that amiable Poetic
genius to Figure in. an exertion there will be doing Justice to

the Muses the inspirers of that happy talent. When ever my
Philomela Tunes the harp, is in raptures my soul is in raptures
The Size of your Last paper with the contents were very agreable
to me, especialy as I have had a long recess from that little
variety which usd to fill the Circle of my life. I have been growing
old in the corner of a Country Village thro the winter passt
& have contented my self with the scanty accomodations in
hopes of an enlargment. happy shall We be when Alma Mater
again Collects her Sons & we can sit under her benign [beams?] having
none to disturb or make afraid.

I beg you would present my best regards to Colll Warren.

After saying my affectionate best wishes are ever towards you, I take
Leave and Subscribe With the signature you once gave me

April 2d 1776.


Mrs Winthrop
April 1776