The consolatory Balm pourd into the Widowd wounded
heart of a Mongomery, by the Lenient sympathetic hand of
Mrs Warren, Together with the Polite plaintive Sentiments of
that Lady, in the gratefull return for the Favor, discover hearts
endowd with the most exquisite sensibility & gave a very great
pleasure to your Two Friends to whom you indulgd the perusal
& who have strictly observed the injunction receivd with them,
& kindly thank you for gratification. The other Letter was
very pleasing as a specimen of a stream from that Fountain
which always Conveys delight. We shall always depend on
the pleasure of Coll Warren & your Company to keep Sabbath.
Formidable accounts are brought to Concord of Hessians & Russians
on their passage to us. I heartily wish a Vigorous Assiduity &
Unanimity to those at Helm.

with the truest Affection I Subscribe your obligd
H Winthrop

Concord May the 1st


Mrs Warren


Mrs Winthrop
May 1 1776