Mrs Warrens Friend was really kept in anxious suspense
by not hearing from her for so long a time after her return to Plimouth
It gives me pain that her health is interrupted. I can sympathize
with her by a Fellow Feeling of bodily infirmities. my health Suffers
a decay which I impute to the daily Perceptible steps I am making
down the hill of life: however I have the consolation of reflecting
that when I was upon the summit, the Prospect was agreable
and pleasing. But alas in the descent Clouds intervene

You my dear Madam are happy in your Perspective of the
rising Glories of the new World. I do not think it beyond the
Female line to look into the inspired Prophets, but I do not
pretend to the Least degree of skill in that Sacred Science,
but when explaind by the Genius of a Learned Bishop
Newton, it is truly enlightening & entertaining. I have Lately
had the pleasure of reading that Valuable Dissertation which
I doubt not has employd many of your Vacant hours.

I must say, the rise & Fall of the Four great Empires exhibited
by him, strikes my mind with a melancholy astonishment.

The Total destruction of the most Superb Cities, The

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Mrs Warren

Devastation and intire obliteration of millions of the human Race
to Satiate the Pride, the ambition the cruelty the revenge of the
Tyrants of the earth, afford us an humiliating Idea of Mankind.

ah Nineveh, Babylon & Tyre how are Ye Fallen! not a
Trace left of those haughty Footsteps, nor the Least line of
Soil Visible where was once a Luxuriance of nature; even the ruins
of the most Magnificent Cities so destroyd as to admit of a doubt
of the spot where they once reard their lofty domes.

It would have given me much entertainment to have heard
the ingenious Mr Wests Demonstration of the Prophecies: there really
seems to be an Analogy between the Predictions & Events fullfilling in
the World at this day. You justly observe that all nature moves
in Progression. If it would not appear Pedantic, I would give you
a remarkable Instance of this, observd by the Learned, which is that
knowledge has for many ages been travelling Westward. I have
Lately been peeping into Goguets origin of the Arts & Sciences.
If you remember, our desk is generally adornd with Variety of
Authors. He shows that according to the most Authentic
accounts that remain, The Arts & Sciences had their origin
in the eastern World-, in Chaldea Phenicia & Egypt.

From thence, in Process of time they got over into Greece where
they flourishd for some ages. From Greece they at length migrated
into Italy which was long the seat of Learning & Politeness.—
After Italy was overrun with barbarism & ignorance & enslaved
by the Papal Hierarchy, Literature fled from thos inauspicious
Regions to the Northwestern parts of Europe, and erected her
throne in Germany France & Britain. May we not argu
argue from analogy with great Probability that this journey
Westward is still continuing; & that when Liberty (a Period probably
not far distant) shall be extinguished in Europe, Literature,
which Sickens & dies under Despotism, will find a secure
Asylum in this Western World? where Heaven grant it may
continue to rise with successive improvements till time shall be
no more— The grand Revolution of America may Probably
be big with consequences that will greatly effect the other
hemisphere, & make way for the accomplishment of those
glorious Prophecies you mention. Some of these Prophecies
Lead us to expect a time when there shall be peace & love among
all Mankind; but this can hardly be expected till the Gospel
shall prevail universally.—

I have at Last accomplisht the making of your shoes which
I hope will suit you. My Poor Shoemaker could not help
discovering himself tincturd with the prevailing Spirit of the times
I mean that Spirit of making the most of the affair; but from
a gentle check of that Monitor within calld Conscience he thot
proper to adhere to his old agreement. He says he was as prudent
as he could be of your trimmings &c.— I am much obligd to you
for the Calaminco you kindly gave me. If it is in my power
to afford you any Service pray let me know it.

Mr Winthrop joyns me in affectionate regards to General
Warren & yourself. And if you deal ingenuously with me
you must say it is time for me to Conclude

Yours invariably
Hannah Winthrop

Cambridge Janry the 9th 1778


Mrs Winthrop
Jany 9th 1778