Ah! my dear Friend, have you been lately employd in attending
the closing Scene, The Solemnities of the death of an affectionate
Venerable Parent? allow me to sympathise with you in the loss you
have met. I know the Retrospect of the Valuable useful life of
of Col. Otis must afford the greatest comfort. The happy Period
to which He arrivd; for as a shock of corn fully ripe was He
gatherd, must engage your acquisence in the will of Heaven.
That benevolence & Patriotism which distinguishd Him thro Life
will ever endear his memory, not only to his particular Friends
& connections, but to the Public in general, & his descendants
may now rise & call him Blessed. To a mind so well seasond
with Religion & Philosophy as yours, it is needless to mention
any motives of consolation, & you are too well versd in the
Vicissitudes that attend this mortal life not to bear up with
equanimity the separation of a Tender Parent, who has enterd the
rewards of the just, & is now joyned with your other dear Parent
in the employments of a more exalted happy nature than this
Terrestial could afford them

What severe conflicts does the separation of dear.

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Mrs Warren

Friends often occasion in the tender bosoms of many around us!
a late instance in my sisters Family has calld forth all our
Pity. To give you an Idea of the dissolution of the strongest
Tie in nature, & of a Widowd heart, I send you a copy of the
genuine effusions of an afflicted soul. I think a greater degree
of trouble could not well be Sustaind than is expressd in a
letter to her Parents. Her Consort returnd from the Siege of
Newport, to all appearnce in perfect health. He calld on
us as he passd thro the Town. I think I never saw a more
Blooming promising Subject of health & long life: but
alas in all probability the secret seeds of Death had taken
Possession of him, Perhaps in consequence of the great
Fatigues he went thro in that Campaign.

I hope you will excuse me in presenting to your View such
Melancholy Events. Shall I say there is a pleasure in these
painfull Ideas? can there we take any in the miseries of
our Fellow mortals? rather let me say there is a Divine
pleasure in that Compassionate Sympathy implanted in
the human breast, & it has the happiest Tendency to alleviate
each others sorrows.

I have thro the kindness of Heaven, been reprievd from drinking
that bitter cup which seemd preparing for me in the long distressing
sickness of my dear Partner. Many, many weeks was I exercisd
in indeavoring to suspend the present anxieties in prospect of a
more aggravated scene approaching. A kind Providence
again Blesses him with returning health; He joyns me in
regards to General Warren & to you with thanks for Mr
Wests ingenious sermon.

Really my Friend if I dont receive
a Letter from you very soon, I shall suspect I have given
you a distate to writing to me, very soon as I can't
recollect receiving any from you for many Months, but
short billets & I have wrote you many Tedious Letters

With sincere Affection give me Leave
To Subscribe Your unalterable
Hannah Winthrop

Cambridge December the 18th 1778


Mrs Winthrop