Saturday 22nd In the morning before I dressed, I
heard the bells ringing for Washington's birth-day. I
did not go to school. In the morning Johnny put out
the flag, and I bought some sponge cake. Afterwards
I went with Johnny to the Aquarial Gardens, and
saw some elephants act.

One of the elephants played on a hand organ. They had
a horse at the Aquarial Gardens,
and they make a monkey
ride on him. In the afternoon
I went to some theatricals,
at Mr Richards. Jessie Gordon
acted, and Mary Gray acted too.

The first play was "The children in the wood," and Mary
Gray acted as one of the children. The second play was
"Whittington, and his cat" Mary Gray acted as an
old woman, who sold the cat to Whittington, and she
wore a false nose. She did look so funny. In the
evening I went again to the Aquarial
Gardens, and there we saw the
whale being driven by a girl.
She was in a boat, and the
whale was fastened to the
boat by a pair of rains,
and a collar, which was
fastened round his neck. The
men had to chase him
before they could put
on the collar.

We stayed at the Aquarial Gardens till about nine
oclock. We did not go to bed as soon as we got home.

Sunday 23rd In the morning I went to church, and
before dinner I wrote my journal. I forgot to say
that Saturday at the Aquarial Gardens, the master
played with the bears, wolfs, and other animals. He
kept poking one immense bear with a stick, and
told him to take care of his paws.
Then he made
a seal turn a
hand organ.

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