In Congress, at Watertown, April 30, 1775.


THE barbarous Murders on our innocent Brethren [on]
Wednesday the 19th Instant, has made it absolutely
necessary that we immediately raise an Army to defend our
Wives and our Children from the butchering Hands of an
inhuman Soldiery, who, incensed at the Obstacles they
met with in their bloody Progress, and enraged at being
repulsed from the Field of Slaughter; will without the
least doubt take the first Opportunity in their Power to
ravage this devoted Country with Fire and Sword: We
conjure you, therefore, by all that is dear, by all that is
sacred, that you give all Assistance possible in forming an
Army: Our all is at Stake, Death and Devastation are
the certain Consequences of Delay, every Moment is in-
finitely precious, an Hour lost may deluge your Country
in Blood, and entail perpetual Slavery upon the few of
your Posterity, who may survive the Carnage. We beg
and entreat, as you will answer it to your Country, to
your own Consciences, and above all as you will answer
to God himself, that you will hasten and encourage by
all possible Means, the Inlistment of Men to form the
Army, and send them forward to Head-Quarters, at
Cambridge, with that Expedition, which the vast Impor-
tance and instant Urgency of the Affair demands.

JOSEPH WARREN, President, P.T.

[Manuscript notation:]

Watertown May 13th. 1775

In Provential Congress Therefore Resolvd
that be
Mr. Samuel Freeman.