Andover April 19 1775 Thomas Boyntons journ.

This Morning being wednesday about the suns
Rising the Town was Alarmd with the News that
the Regulars was on their march to Concord upon
which the town musterd and a bout 10 oclock
marched on ward for Concord in Tewksbury news came
that the Regulars had fired on our men in Lexington
and had kild 8: in Bilrike News came that
the Enemy were killing and slaying our men
in Concord: Bedford we had News that the
Enemy had killed 2 of our men and had Retreated
Back we Shifted our Course and persued after
them as fast as possible but all in vain the Enemy
had the start 3 or 4 miles it is said that there
number were a bought 1500 men they were per
sued as far as Charlestown that night; the next
Day they past Charls River the loss number they
Sustaind as we here were 500: our men a
bout 40: to return, after we came into [Concord?]
Rode we saw houses burning [and?] plundered
others plundred and Dead Bodies of the Enemy
Lying by the way others taken prisoners
about 8 at Night our Regiment Came to a
halt in Notime the next morning we came
into Cambridge and their abode

May 13 the hole
Armey marched to Charlestown a long side the
men of war which gave them great surprise

June 16 three Regiments were ordered to peraid at
6 oclock in the after noon namely Conl Frys &
Conl Bridgs & Conl Prescots after which Being done
we attended prayers & abought 9 at night we
marchd to Charlestown with about a 1000 men
and at about 11 oclock we began to Entrench in
sight of Boston & the shiping at the suns Rising
they Began to Fire upon us from the shiping
the 3d or 4th Shot they kild one man and many
others Escaped very narrowly at length they
Ceased their fire our work went on Continually
they Began Again about 8 or 9 oclock, from Corps

Hill, and Continued A hot Fire About 2 or 3
oclock the Enemy Landed and advanced toards us
its thot: to the number of 2000 men and Soon planted
their Cannon and began the fire & advancing up to our
fort after they Came within gunshot we fird &
then Ensud a very hot Engagement after a number
of shots passed the Enemy Retreated & we Ceased our
fire for a few minutes They advanced again & we
Began A hot fire for A short time the Enemy
Scaling our walls and the number of our men being
few we was ordered to Retreat at which time
the Enemy were allmost Round us & a Contin-
inual Firing at our heals in the Engagement we
lost William Haggot Joseph Chandler and [Philip ?]
Abbot wounded Lieuts Isaac Abbot Sergt Joshua
Lovjoy James Turner Jeremiah Wardwell
Stephen Chandler and Israel Holts of our Company.

August 26 Saterday night

A party of our men
went on what is Cald the plowd hill and
Entrenchd Sabath day the Enemy began to Fire
they kild 2 men our Regt. was mustred and
Marched down to winter hill, whare they
continued all day at Night we marched down
to sd. plowd hill & and Entrenched in the
night there was a Smart Shower & very
Sharp lightning & thunder the most of us
wet to the Skin at About 7 oclock we was
Releaved the Enemy fird not a gun at

[There are two additional entries on this page which are written upside down:]

Sept 4 1778 to Making a Coffin for [Misses?]
Farleys Child as [in cheap times?]

August 7 1779 to Making a Coffin for
Jerusha Blanchard by the Desire [of ?]
Samuel Blanchard Junr. [in good times?]