In Provincial Congress, Watertown, April 30, 1775.

WHEREAS an Agreement has been made between
General Gage and the Inhabitants of the Town
of Boston, for the Removal of the Persons and Effects of
such of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, as may be
so disposed, excepting their Fire-Arms and Ammunition,
into the Country:---

Resolved, That any of the Inhabitants of this Colony,
who may incline to go into the Town of Boston, with their
Effects, Fire-Arms and Ammunition excepted, have
Toleration for that Purpose, and that they be protected
from any Injury or Insult whatsoever, in their Removal
to Boston, and that this Resolve be immediately published.

JOSEPH WARREN, President, P.T.


P.S. Offices are appointed for the giving Permits for
the above Purposes, one at the Sign of the Sun at Charles-
, and another at the House of Mr. John Greaton,
jun. at Roxbury.

JOSEPH WARREN, President, P. T.