Know all Men by these Presents that I Patience Hatch
of Falmouth in the County of Barnstable in New England,
Widow, For the Consideration of the Sum of Thirteen
Pounds Lawful Money to my Satisfaction, Paid by
Silvanus Hatch of said Falmouth, Yeoman, Have
Bargained, Sold, Assigned, & made over, unto the
said Silvanus Hatch my Right and Title unto a
(Molatto [mulatto] ) Servant Boy named Salathiel (that is one half
of him that I hold in Partnership with sd Salvanus)
To Have and to hold the One Half of the
said Boy Salathiel, unto him the said Silvanus
Hatch, his Heirs and Assigns to his and their
Use and Service, free and clear from all
the Lawful Claims and Demands of all Persons,
Until the said Boy, shall arrive to the Age of
Thirty Years. In Witness whereof I have hereunto
set my Hand and Seal the Eighth Day of February
in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven
Hundred & Sixty.

patience hatch

Signed, Sealed & Delivered
in the Presence of

Nathan rowle

miels cotton