behind her -- Again the Captain
mounted, & again was thrown --
& again -- & then having got
some hard bruises, he stood off,
& hesitated -- While he did so,
Mumbet darted out, unbuckled
the saddle, threw it one side
-- led Jenny to a gate that
opened into a wide field skirting skirting
a wooded, unfenced upland she
slipped off the bridle, clapped
Jenny on the side, & whistled her
off, & off she went, careering
beyond the hope of Captain Smith, "the Joiner"

Alas she Jenny Gray was not always so
fortunate! One dark night she disap-
-peared from the stable, & the
last that was seen of her she

24.8 cm x 19.9 cm

From the Catharine Maria Sedgwick papers