got to the end of her bad words she orderd
the girl her to walk out of the house -- Then she
raised her eyes for the first time -- She had
-not seemed to hear a word before -- She
didnot speak -- she didnot sigh, nor sob,
nor groan -- but a sharp sound seemed to come right
out of her heart -- it was heart-breaking to
hear it -- "Set still child" -- I said. At
that, Madam's temper rose like a thun-
-der storm -- She said the house was hers
& again ordered the gal out of it -- "Set still
child," says I again -- 'She shall go' says,
Madam -- "No Missess she shant" says
I -- "If the gal has a complaint to make
she has a right to see my the Judge --
that's lawful & stands to reason besides" --
Madam knew when I set my foot down, I kept it down,

24.8 cm x 19.9 cm

From the Catharine Maria Sedgwick papers