had secreted the watches, & few trinkets
of the ladies & small articles of plate
in a large oaken chest containing
her own wardrobe -- no contemptible
store either -- Bet, had a regal love of
the solid, & the splendid wear, &
till the last of her long life, went
on accumulating chintzes & silks --
When, after tramping through the house
they came to Bet's locked chest in &
& demanded the key she lifted up
her hands & laughed in scorn --
You "Ah Sam Cooper" she said "you & your fellows are no better than I thought
you'. she said You call me wench, & nigger
& you are not above rummaging my
chest -- you will have to break it
open to do it"!. One Sam Cooper was a
quondam broom-pedlar (to whom Bet

24.8 cm x 19.9 cm

From the Catharine Maria Sedgwick papers