Oct 14 1752


I Red a Leetr [letter] on ye 11 of this Instant Whar [Where] you Set forth your man
Pompe Was Returned Hom [Home] : Sur [Sir] I am Sorey [Sorry] for it but it Wont [won't] Do for
me to bye [buy] him , for hee [he] is Seet [Set] aganst [against] me becase [because] I Would not Lett [Let]
him be out anights Sur [Sir] te Hee [He] is not Dear for them thate [that] hee [he] Will
Sute [Suit] ; but my wife is afrad [afraid] of him When hee [he] Geets [Gets] Sulen [Sullen] --
Sur [Sir] ; I am weling [willing] To Do you all ye Sarvess [Service] that I can but it Wont [Won't]
Do for me him to Live amonge hear [here] aboughts [abouts] ; Sur [Sir] I am Weling [Willing] To
Satesfy [Satisfy] you for ye Sarvess [Service] hee [he] Did me; but hee [he] Would not o a [have] Gone
of [off] as hee [he] Did but hee [he] thought by What hee [he] Sad [Said] that hee [he] could ; Do me no biger [bigger]
Dis-Sarvess [Disservice] as to bisness [business] as to Leave me as hee [he] Deed [Did] ; I Will Cum [Come] To
Boston in a fue [few] Days and will Cum [Come] and See you; I hop [hope] you have no
Hard Thoughts of me as To ye afare [affair] ; for I am Willing To Sarve [Serve] you as
far as I am abeell [able] in any Shap [shape] --

Saml Bowman


Sam Bowman
Octor. 14. 1752