Know all men by these presents That
I William Wait of Malden in the --
County of Midlesex in New England
Marinr. Yeoman for & in Consideration
of The Sum of Three hundred and fifty --
pounds old Tenr. to me paid by James --
Dalton of Boston in the County of Suffolk
marinr. have and Do hereby Sell Unto
The said James Dalton his heires & asss --
a Negro Man Called Peter Aged abt.
Twenty Seven Years of a Midle Stature --
and Slave for his life to hold Unto the
Said. James Dalton his heires or asss --
dureing the life of said Negro and I do --
avouch That I have good right to dispose
and Sell said Negro in Manner aforesd --
dated this 29th. of July 1747

William Waitt


Jos Lawrence