Know All men by these presents That I Benjamin
Bancraft of Charlestown in the County of Middlesex in
the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England --
Tanner for & in Consideration of the Sum of Ninty [ninety] five
Pounds in Good Bills of Publick Credit To me in hand,
paid before the Insealing & Delivery hereof by William --
Lawrance of Groton in ye. County and Province aforesd. Black-
-Smith The Receipt whereof to full content & Satisfaction I --
Do hereby Acknowledge Have, And by these presents --
Do Bargain Sell, Assign Set over & Deliver unto the --
Said William Lawrance one Negro Boy, aged about Thirteen
years -- Named Bodee To Have & To Hold the Said Negro
Boy unto the Said William Lawrance his heirs Executors --
Administrators and. assigns To his & their only proper use
And behoofe forever. And I the Said Benjamin Bancraft
for my Selfe [self] my heirs Executors & Administrators Do cove-
nant promise and agree to & with the Said Lawrance his
heirs Executors Administrators and assigns To warrant --
and Defend ye. Said Negro To him & them forever by these
presents, against the Lawfull [lawful] Claims & Demands of all --
& every person and persons whomsoever In witness --
whereof togather [together] with ye. Delivery of Said Negro Boy I --
have hereunto Set my hand & Seal ye. Tenth Day of July
Anno Domi. 1728. In ye. Second Year of his Majesties [Majesty's] Reign --

Benjamin Bancroft

Signed Sealed & Delivered
In presence of

Jacob ames

Robert Blood


Bena Bancraft