Williamsburg Octo: 31. 1795.

Reverend Sir,

I recieved your favor of the 19th of August
announcing the honor done me by Massachussets Historical
Society, in electing me a corresponding Member, with Sentiments
of the most perfect gratitude, mingled with unfeigned regret. To
have obtained so honorable a testimony in my favor could not
but be peculiarly flattering to one, whose utmost Ambition is to
deserve the esteem of those who are most eminently distinguish'd
by their Talents, virtues, and useful researches. -- But, Sir, a
Life chequered with a variety of situations, in all which the
Attainment of a competent support for a large, and growing
family was, necessarily, the immediate object of my pursuits,
has never permited me to cultivate those Studies, & indulge those
researches which are necessary Qualifications for a member of
that respectable, and useful institution. -- Under such Circumstances,
to accept of their election would evince a Temerity & presumption
which the sequel could not fail to detect; whilst a contrary
conduct will, I hope, be considered by the society as the highest
testimony of my respect & esteem. -- Be pleased therefore, Sir,
to express to them these sentiments in my behalf, and entreat
them to impute to a sense of my own unworthiness, only, a Conduct
which I most assuredly should not have adopted could I suppose
it possible that it should be construed as the slightest mark of
disrespect. Permit me, Sir, to offer to the Society my most sincere
and ardent wishes for the success of so beneficial an Institution. To
have contributed to promote the valuable ends of it would have
been equally a pride and pleasure to me. Suffer me, also, to thank
you, Sir, for the obliging manner in which you have communicated
the honor intended me.

I am, sir, with the highest respect & esteem,
Your much obliged, & very hble servt,
S: G: Tucker.

To the revd. Dr. Belknap, &c. &c. &c.

Wmsburg 28 Nov 1795


The reverend Doctor Belknap
Corresponding Secretary to the Massachussets
Historical Society,