Quincy October 22. 1795

Dear Sir

Inclosed is the Letter of Dr. Tucker. -- If I should
agree with him in his Maxim Fiat Justitia ruat Coelum
the question would still remain what is Justice.
Justice to the Negroes would require that they should
not be abandoned by their Masters and turned loose
upon a World in which they have no Capacity to
procure even a Subsistence. What would become of the
old,? the young? the infirm? Justice to the World too
would forbid that such Numbers should be turn'd out
to live by Violence or Theft or fraud.

I believe no better Expedient will be found
than to prohibit the Importation of new Negroes, and
Soften the Severity of the Condition of old ones, as
much as possible, until the increasing Population of
the Country shall have multiplied the Whites to such
a Superiority of Numbers, that the Blacks may be
liberated by Degrees, with the Consent both of Master and

your Sincere,
John Adams


VP. Adams Oct 22