having at various time submitted themselves to the
Government & received its protection, & enjoyed in a
degree the benefit of civilization & evangelical missions,
so that they were denominated "praying Indians"
did in 1675, 6 & 7. join with other natives in a War
against the English, commonly called Phillip's war --
Such of these as were taken prisoners in this war
were adjudged guilty of rebellion. Some few of them
were put to death by a judicial sentence; others but the greater part were
sold into slavery in foreign Countries. Some of
these latter found their way home & joined with
other hostile Indians in a severe revenge on the Eng-
lish in a succeeding War. [Citation in left margin: See Histy of New Hampshire Vol 1. p. 143. 245.]

Cover: 21 cm x 17.2 cm; manuscript pages: 20.6 cm x 16.8 cm

From the Jeremy Belknap papers
This entire item is depicted by a sequence of 35 images: a cover (with handwritten title), manuscript pages 1-14, and 16-35 (there is no manuscript page numbered 15).