a No. 3 ) To Mr. Arford Broom Negro,

Your Commonwealth Tax.
Lawful Money.

£. s. d.
Poll, -- 1.. 5.. 10
Houses and Lands, } -- -- " --
Personal Estate and Faculty, } -- -- " --

Your Town and County Rate.
Lawful Money.

£. s. d.
Poll, -- ).. 9.. 8
Houses and Lands, } -- -- " --
Personal Estate and Faculty, } -- -- " --
£ 1.. 15.. 6

THE Assessors sit at their Office at the East End of Faneuil-Hall, on Tues-
days and Wednesdays for the space of six Weeks next after the delivery
of the Tax Bills, and no longer, for the purpose of hearing, and relieving, such
Persons who may be aggrieved, provided they have given in a Valuation accord
ing to Law.

Benj Henderson

Boston, August 22d 1786.

N.B. The Commonwealth may be paid, one third part in
Army Notes, or the Treasurer's Certificates issued in lieu thereof --
And one third part in Loan Office Interest Certificates, provided the
same are paid with a Sum in Specie equal to one half such Certificates
on or before the 1st Day of January next; and the remainder, together
with the Town and County Tax, is to be paid in Specie.


by Joshua Pico