To all to whome these Prests shall come I Charles Josias alias Josias Wampatuck soñe and
Heire of Josias Wampatuck late Sachem of the Indians Inhabiting the Massachusets in New England and Grandson of Chicatabut the Former Sachem Send greeting. Forasmuch
as I am Informed, and well assured, from Severall Antient Indians, as well those of my Council as others, that upon the First comeing of the English to sitt downe and settle in these parts of New England my
Abovenamed Grandffather Chicatabut the Chiefe Sachem, by and with the Advice of his Councill for encouragement thereof, upon divers good causes, and Considerations, him thereunto moveing. Did
give, grant, sell, alienate, convey, and confirme unto the English Planters and Settlers respectively, and to their Severall and respective heires and Assignes for ever. All that Neck Tract or
parcel of Land Scittuate, Lyeing, and being, within the Mattachusetts Colony, in order to their Settling, and Building a Towne there : now knowne by the Name of Boston, as it is Invironed and Compassed
by the Sea or Salt Water on the Northerly, Easterly, and westerly sides and by the Line of the Towne of Roxbury on the Southerly side, with all the rivers, Harbours, Bayes, Creekes, Coves, Flatts and appurtenances
whatsoever thereunto belonging. As also severall other outlands belonging unto the sd Towne on the Southerly and Easterly sides of Charles River, And the Island Called Deer Island, Lyeing about Two Leagues
Easterly from the said Towne of Boston, betweene Pudding Point Gutt and the Broad Sound soo called, sd Island Containeing One Hundred and Sixty or Two Hundred Acres of Land more or Less ; with the priviledges
and appurtenances thereunto belonging. Which said Neck & Lands have since been Distributed and granted out among themselves into particular Alotments and other conveniences, and given, alienated,
and Transferred, to and from one another, Haveing been peaceably & quietly, possessed, used occupied and Enjoyed for the Space of about Fifty & Five yeares last past by the said First Grantees yr heires Successors & assigns
And now stand quietly and peaceably possessed thereof at this day. Wherefore I the said Charles Josias als Josias Wampatuck Sachem and William Hahaton Robert Momentauge and Ahawton Senior
my Councellors (by and wth the allowance and advice of William Stoughton and Joseph Dudley Esqr my Prochain Amys & Guardians) as well for the reasons and Considerations abovemencond
as for and in Consideration of a Valuable Summe of Money to me and them in hand well and truely paid by Elisha Cooke, Elisha Hutchinson Esqr; Messrs Samuel Shrimpton, John Joyliffe, Simon Lynde, John Saffin,
Edward Wyllys, Daniel Turel Senr, Henry Allen, John Faire-weather, Timothy Prout Senr and Theophilus Frary of Boston afforesd: for and in the behalfe of themselves and the rest of the Proprietated Inhabitants
of the Towne of Boston abovesaid, the receipt of which sd sume of money as Full and Lawfull Consideration, wee do hereby acknowledge to have received ; and thereof, and of every part, and parcel thereof, doe Fully acquitt
and discharge the sd Elisha Cooke, Elisha Hutchinson, Samuel Shrimpton, John Joyliffe, Simon Lynde, John Saffin, Edward Wyllys, Daniel Turel Senr, Henry Allen, John Faireweather, Timothy Prout Senr, & Theophilus
Frary, and every of them, their and every of their heires, Executors, Administors & assignes for ever by these pñts. Have & hereby Doe for the Further confirmation and Ratification of the sd Guift, grant, bargains,
or sale of the sd Grand Sachem Chicatabut; Fully, freely, and willingly, approve, ratifie, Establish, Enfeoffe, and confirme the Same ; and Do also Fully and Absolutely, remise, release, and for ever quitt claime
unto the said Elisha Cooke, Elisha Hutchinson, Samuel Shrimpton John Joyliffe Simond Lynd John Saffin Edward Wyllys Daniel Turel Senr Henry Allen John Faireweather Timothy Prout Senr and Theophilus
Frary their heires and assignes respectively, forever, Soe farr as their owne Severall and respective rights, and Interests are or may bee : And farther for and in behalfe of the rest of the Proprietated Inhabitants of sd Towne
of Boston and precincts thereof severally, and their severall and respective heires and assignes forever; According to the severall Interest, rights, title and propriety which each person respectively hath right unto, and
standeth now seized, and possessed of All the aforesd Neck & Tract of Land now called and knowne by the name of the Towne of Boston and all other Lands whatsoever, within the sd
Township or precincts thereof, Easterly and Southerly of and from Charles River; with all and every the Houseing Buildings and Improvements thereupon, and on every part and parcel thereof; And
the Island afforesd called Deer Island and the buildings thereon, wth all Harbours, Streams Coves Flatts waters, Rivers, Immunityes rights benefitts advantages Libertyes priviledges hereditamts and appur-
tenances whatsoevr to all & every the afforementioned premisses belonging or in any manner or wise appertaineing : or therewth heretofore, or now, used, occupied, or Enjoyed ; Also all the Estate right title interest
property claime & demand of me the sd Charles Josias als Wampatuck and of all and every of my before named Councellors, of in and to the same and every part parcel or member thereof To have and
to hold all and singular the abovementioned Lands premisses and appurtenances and every part and parcel thereof unto them the said Elisha Cooke, Elisha Hutchinson, Samuel Shrimpton, John
Joyliffe, Simond Lynd, John Saffin, Edward Wyllys, Daniel Turel senr, Henry Allen, John Faireweather, Timothy Prout senr., and Theophilus Frary their heires and assignes respectively forever for and in behalfe of
themselves So far as their owne severall and respective rights are or may be therein ; and further for and in behalfe of the severall and respective proprietated Inhabitants of the sd Towne and precincts thereof, their severall
and respective heires and assignes forever, according to the Interest, title, and propriety, wch each person hath, or may have just right unto; and standeth now seized & possessed of; And to their onely proper use benefitt and
behoofe forever. Freely peaceably & Quietly without any manner of Reclaime Challenge or Contradiction of me the sd Charles Josias als Wampatuck and my abovenamed Councellors or either or any
of us our or either or any of our heires Executors Administors or assignes, and without any account Reckoning Answere, Summe or Summes of money in time to come to be made, yielded paid or done. Soe that
neither I the sd Charles Josias als Wampatuck, my Councellors our or either of our heires Executors nor any others by from or under me, us or them or any of them shall or will by any wayes or meanes hereafter have
aske, claime, challenge or demand, any Estate, right, title, or Interest of in or to the premisses ; or any part, or parcel thereof. BUT are and shall be utterly Excluded and for ever debarred from the same by vertue of these
presents. And I the sd Charles Josias als Wampatuck and Councellors afforesd for us and every of us our and every of our heires Execrs Administors and successors respectively, Doe hereby covenant promise grant and
oblige unto the aforenamed Grantees their heires Executors Administors and assignes by these presents, to warrant maintaine and defend the afforementioned premisses, all and every part and parcel thereof unto them
the sd Grantees their heires and assignes forever as afforesaid for and in behalfe of themselves, and others the proprietated Inhabitants according to their respective rights and Interests ; Against all and every
person and persons whomsoever Lawfully claimeing or demanding the same or any part or parcel thereof. And at any time or times hereafter upon demand to give and pass more Full and ample release confirma:
tion and assureance of all and every the sd premisses unto the sd Grantees their heires and assignes to the uses aforesd : and to doe and performe any other act or acts device or devices in the Law necessary or requisite there
unto, as in Law or equity can or may be devised, advised or required In Witness whereof I sd Charles Josias als Josias Wampatuck William Hahaton Robert Momentague and Ahawton Senr
my Councellors have hereunto Sett our hands and Seales the Nineteenth day of March Anno Domi One Thousand Six hundred Eighty and Foure 1684/5, Annoq. — RRs Caroli Secundi Angliæ &c xxxvii.

[Please refer to the image of the manuscript to see the layout of the following signatures and attestations:]

Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of us
    William Williams
    E. Lyde.

We underwritten Prochain Amyes and Guardians,
to Charles Josias Sachem of the Massachusetts do
consent and approve of the abovesd confirmation of
title and release of clayme.
    William Stoughton
    Joseph Dudley

Charles A Josias Ahawton Junr: in the Behalf
of him & off and his father. Ahawton Indians Acknowledged
Abovesd writeing to be their volluntary Act & Deed
March 19th 1684. Coram Jas. Russell, Assist

Charles [symbol] Josias
Ahaw tom son [symbol]
Willem hahaton
Robert [symbol] Momentaug
his marke [Five seals are placed next to names; see page image.]

Boston February 1st 1708 Received and Recorded
with the Records of Deeds for the County of Suffolk
Lib° xxiv to ffol 101 et se. —
[per] Addington Davenport Registr.

David son & Heir of Sagamore George & in his
right having some claym to deer Iland doth hereby
for Just Consideration relinquish his right to the Town
of Boston of all his right & claym thereto & consents to the
abovesd Deed of sale as witness his hand & seal [symbol]
In presence of us William Williams
    Benjamin Dowse


Josia Sachem & other Indians. Confirmation of the Town of Boston & Lands belonging. datd March 1684.

Quitclaim deed for the peninsula of Boston, Massachusetts, from Charles Josias and the Massachuset Indians to the inhabitants of Boston, 19 March 1684/5 [1685]

54.2 cm x 68.6 cm

Image of page 1 depicts entire page; image of page 2 depicts detail area showing endorsement