Anno Regni Regis Georgii Tertii Septimo
An Act for Imposeing a Duty of Impost
upon the importation of Negro and other Slaves
within this Province

Whereas the Importation of slaves
from Africa, and Other Parts into this Province
has Proved detrimental to the Publick; As it
tends to Prevent & Discourage the Introduction
of Useful Settlers & Inhabitants from Europe

Be it Therefore Enacted by the Govenor [Governor]
Council & House of Represents. in Genl Court
Assembled That from & after the Tenth Day of
April One Thousand seven hundred & sixty
seven There Shall be Paid for every Negro
Mulatto or Indian slave Imported or brought
into this Province either by Land or Sea the
Sum of one hundred Forty pounds

-- and Be it further Enacted that any
Person or Persons whatsoever that Shall from and after
the Tenth Day of April one Thousand seven
hundred & Sixty Seven Import or by any way or
means whatsoever bring, Or Cause to be brought
into this Province, either by Land Or sea, Any
Negro, Mulatto, or Indian slave Or slaves, Shall
within Forty eight Hours after the Arrival of Such Slave or slaves Or their
being brought in as aforesaid, enter the Names of Such
Negro, Mulatto, or Indian Slave Or slaves, with the
Impost Officer, Or his Deputy; and where no Im
-post Officer, Or Deputy Dwells, with Some one of his
Majesty s Justices of the Peace, within the County
where the said Negro, Molatto, or Indian slave or
slaves shall be Imported. or brought;

and the Said Importer or Importers of Such Negro,
Molatto, or Indian Slave or slaves, Shall within
Forty Eight Hours after Such entry be made as
aforesaid, Shall pay or Cause to be paid unto the
Said Impost Officer; his Deputy, Or to Such Justice
of the Peace, with Whome ye Entry aforesaid
was Shall have been made, the Duty aforesaid; And Whosoever
Shall Neglect, Or refuse to pay, the Impost or Duty
Imposed by this Act; shall forfeit & pay a fine of Eighty
fine pounds to his Majesty, to be Disposed of as hereafter
is Provided --

And be it Further Enacted; That if any
Person or persons, within this Province, Shall
after the Tenth day of April one Thousand
Seven Hundred & Sixty Seven purchase, or receive
by Gift, Or in any way or manner whatsoever,
be Posses'd, of, any Negro, Molatto or Indian
slave or slaves, Imported as aforesaid, before the
Duty aforesaid be paid, in manner as aforesaid
He or they So offending, Shall forfeit and pay
the sum of Forty pounds Eighty pounds

And Be it further Enacted That the Impost
Officer, his Deputy, or such Justice of the Peace
to Whome such Impost Duty Shall be paid, shall
within Six months accounpt with and pay
the same to the Treasurer Genl of this Province
The said Impost Officer, his Deputy, or Justice of
the Peace being allow'd five PCent for his pains &
Trouble for receiving & paying the same --

And Be it Further Enacted; that all
fines & forfeitures, by this Act Shall be & belong
one moiety to his Majesty for & Toward the support
of this Government,

and the Other moiety, to him or them that
Shall Inform & Sue for the same; to be recoverd
by Action of Debt, or by Bill, Plaint, or Informa
-tion, in any of his Majesty s Courts of
Records Proper to Try the same --

Provided Nevertheless, that this Act shall
not be Construed to extend to the Obliging of any
master of any Ship, or Vessell, from Burmuda,
Or Elsewhere who Shall bring into this Province
any such Negro, Molatto, or Indian Slave or slaves,
as seamen or mariners on board such ships or
Vessell, to pay the Duty mention'd in this Act;
Nor to the Obliging of any Person or Persons
Who Shall Occasionally Come into this Province,
(Not being Inhabitants of the same) from bringing
into, & Improving his Or their Own slave or slaves,
During his Or their Residence in this Province,
to Pay the Duty Or forfeiturs aforesaid Provided
his or their Residence do not Exceed the Term of
Six Months Provided Also that Nether None of the No such
Person or Persons as mentioned in the foregoing Clause Do sell
or otherwise Dispose of Any of the said Negro,
Molatto, or Indian slave or slaves, aforementiond
within this Province --

[The above text is crossed out, and marked with a bracket and the word "dele" in the left margin.]

[The following added text is on a separate sheet that was glued onto page 3.]
Provided also that no Person or Persons not
Inhabitants of this Province who shall at any time
Come into this Province & bring with him his or
their own Slave or Slaves, Shall not be oblidged
to pay the duties of Impost or forfeiture afore

[The following added text is on a separate sheet that was glued onto page 3.]
Provided Also that the person or persons
mention'd in the next foregoing Clause who
Shall bring into this Province any Such Negro
Molatto, or Indian slave or slaves, for the Purposes
therein Mention'd; Shall give Sufficient Security
to the Impost Officer, his Deputy, Or Some of his
Majesty s Justices of the Peace whither such
Negro molatto or Indian Slave or Slaves Shall
be brought, That the Said Owner Or Master
do not offer to Sale any of the slaves aforesaid
During his Residence as aforesaid but do
Actually Cause them to be Again exported out of this
Province within the Time herein before
Limited for that Purpose

87 Mr Jno. 39 George

In the House of Representatives
Read a first time March 17 1767
Read a second time March 17. 1767

Be it enacted That this Act shall be in force
untill the Tenth day of April 1768
In ye House of Representatives March. 17. 1767
In     Read a first time
March. 17 Read a Second time
March 18 Read a Third time & passed to be Engrossed
Sent up for Concurrence

T Cushing

In Council March 19th -- Read a first time
20 Read a second time and passed a concurrence
to be engrossed as taken into a new Draft
Sent down for Concurrence

A Oliver

In the House of Representatives
20 March 1767 Read & unanimously
nonconcurrd & the House adhere to
their own Vote

T Cushing


Slave Bill


Bill relating to the
importation of Slaves
20 March 1767 --