Boston the 12th of June 1681

Mr Wm Welstead

Wee did the last yeare send out Wm Warren Mr
of the Ship Elizabeth for Guinea & at his returne
ordered him to put into Swansy for intelligence from
us how to proceed farther & heareing that the people of
Roade Island understanding thereof & allso give out
there intentions to Ceise her, do give you this as our order
& request that you take the first opptunity to proceed
for say'd Island, & when you have there dispached yr
business (in which be expeditious) go from thence & stand
to and agayne at the entrance of that harbour keepeing
a good looke out to discover all ships that may be bound
in there & if posible speake wth them. & if it so happen as
that you meett wth say'd Warren give him the letter here
inclosed & cause him to returne wth you to Nantasket (wher
(where, of before you come in there take in such Ne-
=groes &c as he hath of ors, & come up in the night wth
them, giveing us notice thereof wth what privacy you
can, & we shall take care for there Landing, what we
have farther to ad is to keepe your men Ignorant of
your designe & Improve your time what you can in fish
=ing or wt elce may be helpfull to defray our charges,
but not prejudiciall to our mayne designe in meeting
wth Warren wch is the needfull at present From.
yor Cordiall friends

John Saffin

Jno Ushe for him self
& Edwd Shippen
//James Wetcombe
Andr: Belcher.