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John Adams diary 32, includes memoranda, 28 August - 14 September 1780

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The Dutch book of Mr John Adams when in Holland in the revolution. June 1823.
[The preceding text was added in the handwriting of Harriet Welsh]

John Adams

John Adams

Heeren Graagt, by de Veisel Straagt. Burgomaster Hooft, D.Z.
Mr. Hartzinck. Scheepen. Heeren Gragt.
M. G. H. Matthes. -- burgwal Opposite the Lombard.
J. Vandevelde. Agter zyds burgwal.
Mr. Hartzinck is the Son in Law of Madam Chabanel, Mr. Le Roy's Aunt.
Keep us poor. Depress Us. Keep Us weak. Make Us feel our Obligations. Impress our Minds with a Sense of Gratitude. Let Europe see our dependance. Make Europe believe We are in great distress and danger, that other nations may be discouraged from taking our Part.

Propagate bad news, to discourage the Merchants and Bankers of Holland from lending Us Money. Is there any Thing in these Jealousies and Insinuations?
Dined with M. Jacob Van staphorst. A dutch minister from St. Eustatia there. A Lawyer, Mr. Calcoon, Mr. Cromellin, Mr. Le Roi, Gillon, Joiner and a Merchant from Hamborough. The Parson is a warm American. The Lawyer made one observation which [I once?] made to Dr. Franklin, that English would be the general Language in the next Century, and that America would make it so. Latin was in the last Century, French has been so in this, and English will be so, the next.

It will be the Honour of Congress to form an Accademy for improving and ascertaining the English Language.
School op de Cingel.
30 of August, my Sons went to the Latin School.
Dined at Mr. Vanberkles Pensionary of Amsterdam, with Mr. Bicker and an Officer of the Army.
Mr. Calkoen Keyzers Gragt.

H. Grotius, de jure Belli ac Pacis. [This and the following three entries are in an unidentified hand, perhaps Hendrik Calkoen's.]

C. van Bynkershoek

G. Noodt Opera

Apologeticus eorum qui Hollandix pr fuerunt ab H. Grotio

Considerations Sur l'Etude de la jurisprudence par M. Perrenot.

Jani on Republik der Vereenigde Nederlanden

Ploos Van Amstel, the first Lawyer of Holland. Mr. Calkoen the next.

Heerens Gragt, pres Vissel Straat. Burgomaester Hooft.

Q. A Society or Academy for the dutch Language, in Germany, Russia, Sweeden, Denmark. The Italian Academy.

2000 Plants and Trees, many Americans.

38,000 florins for the Seat, 216 Acres of Land, bet. 30 and 40 thousand Vessells pass in a Year in Sight.


Muyden. Sluices

Weesop. G in Hogs.

De Geen. [fine?] Seats

Hofrust. Muyderberg. Mr. Crommelin.

Mr. Crommelin Op de Keyzers Gragt, over de Groenlandse Pakhuyzen. On the Keyzers Gragt opposite the Greenland Warehouses.

M. Van Berkle Berckel. Upon the Heerens Gragt, by de Konings Plein.

M. Bicker. Opposite.

M. Hooft -- op de Heerens Gragt, by de Vyselstraat.

M. Vanhasselt at M. Wm. Hoofts on the Keysers Gragt, near the Amstel.

M. John Gabriel Tegelaar op de nieuwe Maart.

M. Nicholas Vanstaphorst, op de Cingel, about 50 doors from Jacob.

De La Lande & Fynje -- op de Cingel.

Questions. Is it necessary, or expedient to make any Representation, Communication, or Application to the Prince? or States General?

2. Is it prudent to apply to the City of Amsterdam, their Regency or any Persons, concerned in the Government?

3. To what Persons is it best to make the first Communication of my Commission? To Mr. Hooft, Mr. Vanberckel?

4. What House would you advise me to choose? or Houses?

5. Whether it is probable that any Number of Houses would unite in this Plan? and what Houses?

6. Whether any Number of Houses, might be induced, to become responsable for the punctual Payment of the Interest?

7. How much per Cent Interest must be given?

8. How much per Cent Commission to the Banker, or Bankers, House or Houses?

9. Whether it will be necessary to employ Brokers? What Brokers, and what Allowance must they have?

Jan and Dirk van Vollenhoven. Sur le meme Canal avec M. Berckel.

un Courtier. Maakalaar.

Guillien Crommelin.

Gulian Crommelin; at Mr. John Gasquet on the Rookin opposit the New Chapel. [This entry is in an unidentified hand.]

The Theatre of the War in N. America with the Roads and Tables of the superficial Contents, Distances &c. by an American. Annexed a compendious Account of the British Colonies in North America.

Van Arp. Maakalaar. Next to Mr. Matthes, op de Verweel Burgwal, over de Lombard

What is the manner of doing Business with the Brokers?

What must be given them?

2100 Guilders, double Rect. to receive for one, 400 Ducats


Monitier & Merckemaer. Brokers in Loans [This entry is in an unidentified hand.]


Messrs. Curson & Gouvernieur Contl. Agents at St. Eustatia [This entry is in an unidentified hand.]

Monitier & Merckemaer Brokers in Loans.

A L Hiron In het Rondeel op de hoek van de doele Straat [This entry is in an unidentified hand.]

Demter dans le Pijlsteeg [This entry is in an unidentified hand.]

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Daniel Jan Bouwens, op de Heeregragt, by de Reguliersgragt. [This entry is in an unidentified hand.]

Reguliers Gragt

Verlam Printer Verlem in de graave Straat. Printer of the North holland Gazette.


Daniel Jan Bowens, op de Heeregragt, bij de reguliers Gragt over de hoofd Officier.

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[The scattered accounts beginning here, and continuing through page 55, are in a hand not even tentatively identified but unquestionably later than 1800.]

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In 1708
La Gueldre 4 1/2
La Hollande 55 1/2
La Zelande 13 1/2
Utrecht 5 3/4
La Frise 11 1/2
L'overyssell 2 3/4
Groningue & les ommelandes 6 1/2

8 feet long.

[9?] Inches diameter of the Mirour.

L'Angle aggrandit 300 fois, the least.

Jacobus van de Wall, over de laaste molen op de Overtoomseweg [This entry is in an unidentified hand.]

Mr. Ploos van Amstel Makelaar [This entry is in an unidentified hand.]

B [illegible] to Amsterdam [This entry is in an unidentified hand.]

In de Kalverstraat bij Intema & Tiboel boekverkoper. Een Frans en Duits [illegible] , van het werk door Ploos v. Amstel [This entry is in an unidentified hand.]

Agterburgwal by de Hoogstraat [This entry is in an unidentified hand.]

Mr. Wilmart Prince Gragt.

Mr. McCreery lodges, a Pension


Mr. Vanberckle

Mr. Crommelin op de Keyzers Gragt.

Mrs. Chabanels.

M. De Neuville, De Neuville





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De Neufville


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Original manuscript: Adams, John. John Adams diary 32, 28 August - September 1780. Volume with paper boards and red leather spine (66 pages). Original manuscript from the Adams Family Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.
Source of transcription: Butterfield, L.H., ed. Diary and Autobiography of John Adams. Vol. 2. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1961.