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Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 11 December 1794

My Dearest Friend

I was most sadly dissapointed last Evening when my Newpapers came from the post office without a Letter. The latest date I have received was Novbr. 20, so that two post have arrived without a line. I am not anxious if one, only paper, but you are usually so good in writing me once a week always; and very frequently oftener, that I am really allarmd least you are sick, and very sick otherways you would have written. My only hope rest now that Mr. Freeman who I hear got in yesterday, may have a letter for me. I shall be in the Vapours till Saturday, if I do not hear.

I have read with great eagerness the Debates in Congress, and whilst I am highly gratified at the firmness and independant Spirits discoverd by those who with Superior Tallents Support the Laws and Government, I am mortified to find so large a proportion of that House Abbettors of Jacobine Clubbs, and favourers of a Spirit of insurrection and Rebellion. Yet tis best that the world should see and know them, and their principals. These have been pritty fully displayd in the late Debates. Austin I hear is thundering his annathm annathamas against the President and Erving Giles in the

the Chronical.

We have had remarkable fine weather since December came in. I pray you to send me for a New Years Gift, Lady Cravens Journey to Constantinople, Rennet's Strictures on Female Education, and to Louisa Bennets Letters to a young Lady. They are to be sold at Davies Book Store No 68 Market Street.

My Creditors call upon me, and I promise to pay them in the course of the Month. I am really in want of a remittance. I know I have it in my power to help myself, but I had rather wait a few Days long.

I have only time to add sincere and fervent wishes for your Health and happiness, without which neither can be the lot of your ever affectionate

A Adams.

I have written to you every week.

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Original manuscript: Adams, Abigail. Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 11 December 1794. 3 pages. Original manuscript from the Adams Family Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.
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