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Searched all words in Letters between John and Abigail Adams for tea

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Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 5 September 1776 [electronic edition]
... Philadelphia Septr. 5, 1776 Mr. Bass arrived this Day, with the joyfull News, that you were all well. By this Opportunity, I shall send you a Cannister of Green Tea, by Mr. Hare. Before Mr. Gerry went away from hence, I asked Mrs. Yard to send a Pound of Green Tea to you. She readily agreed. When I came home at Night I was told Mr. G. was gone. I asked Mrs. Y. if she had sent ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 6 July 1774, "Our J. [Justice] H. [Hutchinson] is eternally giving his Political Hints..." [electronic edition]
... in the Meeting House). -- "I've known many very bad Determinations in the Lords House of late" says he, meaning a Fling upon the Clergy.-He is perpetually flinging about the Fasts, and ironically talking about getting Home to the Fast. A Gentleman told me, that he had heard him say frequently, that the Fast was perfect Blasphemy. -- "Why dont they pay for the Tea? Refuse to pay for the Tea! and go ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 9 December 1778 [electronic edition]
... Passy Decr. 9 1778 My dearest Friend I cannot let this opportunity slip without sending you a Line, but the Gentleman waits and it can be but a Line. I have ordered you some Wine as you desired and a Present of some Tea and sugar -- But cant tell you by what Vessell it will go. All Well. No Hopes of Peace, at least in my Mind. We must be taught to set an higher Value upon our ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 12 May 1774 [electronic edition]
... to subdue it, and have the Pleasure to think I have had some Success. I rise at 5, walk 3 Miles, keep the Air all day and walk again in the Afternoon. These Walks have done me more good than any Thing, tho I have been constantly plied with Teas, and your Specific. My own Infirmities, the Account of the Return of yours, and the public News coming Altogether have put my Utmost Phylosophy to the Tryal ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 29 June 1774, "The Prophet of York..." [electronic edition]
... York June 29 1774 My Dr. The Prophet of York has not prophecy'd in vain. There is in this Town and County a Laodiceanism that I have not found in any other Place. I find more Persons here, who call the Destruction of the Tea, Mischief and Wickedness, than any where else. More Persons who say that the Duty upon Tea is not a Tax, nor an Imposition because we are at Liberty ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 2 October 1778 [electronic edition]
... you a few Pounds of Tea by Captn. Niles and a few More by Mr. Austin. But the Risque is so great that I will send no more, but by Frigates or under Convoy. -- Draw upon me for an hundred Pounds. This is the safest Way of supplying your Wants. Yours forever. ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 12 November 1798 [electronic edition]
... and polite. Much Anxiety for your health, many kind Inquiries and friendly Sympathies. We arrived at Williams's before dark, and are very comfortable by a good fire, with good Tea and brown Toast. Tomorrow We hope to reach Brookfield. If I had less Anxiety about your health, I should have more about public affairs, I suppose. Mr. Packard came in and Spent the Evening with Us--very Social ...
Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 14 August 1776 [electronic edition]
... Boston August 14 1776 Mr. Smith call'd upon me to day and told me he should set out tomorrow for Philadelphia, desired I would write by him. I have shewn him all the civility in my power since he has been here, tho not all I have wished too. Our Situation and numerous family as well as sick family prevented our asking him to dine. He drank tea with us once and Breakfasted once ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 16 November 1798 [electronic edition]
... by sunsett and soon reached Lovejoys in this Town. We had our Fire made in our Bedchamber and our Tea and Oysters Served up, When behold a Vision of the Night in the Forms of Mrs. Smith and the fair Caroline bolted in upon Us without the least previous notice or Suspicion. The first Sight convinced me that you was better than When I left you. The Ladies have born the Journey to Admiration, and Mrs ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 18 November 1798 [electronic edition]
... of rest. From Quincy to Stanford, within 22 miles of East Chester in Six days is too much for Horses so fat as ours. Mr. Davenport came in and drank Tea with Us and was very conversable. Madam Gregory, Yesterday told Us how much she had been disappointed in our not stopping there as We went home, and took pains to convince Us that she was not attached to the French. The News Arrived ...

Searched all words in Letters between John and Abigail Adams for tea