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Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 17 November 1794 [electronic edition]
... hope to receive a Line to day, A Journal, or diurnal Register of farming would be very very refreshing, and entertaining. Oh the tedious solitude that awaits me, for 3 or 4 months, amidst the Strife, Smoke, Wealth, Luxury, Eloquence, Learning, Wit, and Wisdom of this proud City and our venerable Congress: To me, one Week of Domestic felicity and Rural Accomplishment, would be worth it all. ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 24 February 1797 [electronic edition]
... Philadelphia Feb. 24. 1797 My dearest Friend The Presbyterian Congregation have voted me the front Pew in their Church for my Family. It is an elegant new Building and the Pew is large. I have bought me a Pair of young Horses for a Carriage and a saddle horse. The Birthday was affecting and the Night Splendid but tedious to those who were too old to dance. I have now Settled ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 13 July 1783 [electronic edition]
... Paris July 13. 1783 My dearest Friend We have had for a Fortnight or Three Weeks a Succession of Hot Weather, attended with an unusual Fog, that has been worse for me to bear than were ever the extreamest heats of Philadelphia. My Scorbutic Habit is very ill fitted to bear it. But all this is not so tedious as the mournfull Silence of every Body in America. Not a Line from ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 20 January 1795 [electronic edition]
... from the Mountain: and I hope you will pursue your Plan of preparing a sufficient Store for the Year. I am "gallant" enough to think the time tedious, till I can begin my Journey home, and I shall think it all the Way tedious till I get home: But I am afraid I have flattered my self prematurely with the pleasing hope of seeing you by the 19th of February. There is so general and so great ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 25 December 1786, "I hope . . ." [electronic edition]
... Grosvenor Square Christmas Day 25 December 1786 My dearest Friend I hope you have had a Pleasant Journey and are happy in your tour. I am, in a State of Phylosophic Solitude, that has hitherto been very tolerable, because I know my Treasures are not far off. But, as soon as the Novelty of it, wears off, and my occupation shall cease it will grow tedious enough. Dont hurry ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 25 September 1774 [electronic edition]
... Phyladelphia Septr. 25, 1774 My Dear I would not loose the Opportunity of writing to you-tho I must be short. Tedious, indeed is our Business.-Slow, as Snails. I have not been used to such Ways. We sit only before Dinner. We dine at four O Clock. We are crowded with a Levee in the Evening. Fifty Gentlemen meeting together, all Strangers, are not acquainted with Each others ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 6 April 1777 [electronic edition]
... Philadelphia April 6, 1777 You have had many Rumours, propagated among you, which I suppose you know not how to account for. One was, that Congress, the last Summer, had tied the Hands of General Washington, and would not let him fight, particularly on the White Plains. This Report was totally groundless. -- Another was, that at last Congress untied the General, and then he instantly ...
John Adams autobiography, part 1, "John Adams," through 1776, sheet 39 of 53 [electronic edition]
... time in it, on Mornings till Congress met and on Evenings, till late at night. The Journals will shew some of the results of the tedious details. There is one Report, which may be mentioned here. Wednesday July 17. 1776.The Board of War to whom the Letter from General Washington of the 14th was referred brought in their report which was read taken into consideration; whereupon ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 9 October 1774 [electronic edition]
... Phyladelphia Octr. 9, 1774 My Dear I am wearied to Death with the Life I lead. The Business of the Congress is tedious, beyond Expression. This Assembly is like no other that ever existed. Every Man in it is a great Man-an orator, a Critick, a statesman, and therefore every Man upon every Question must shew it his oratory, his Criticism and his Political Abilities ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 2 June 1775 [electronic edition]
... was when I left you, tho not well. Bass has recover'd of the Small Pox. Our Debates and Deliberations are tedious, from Nine to four, five, and once near Six. Our Determinations very slow -- I hope sure. The Congress will support Us, but in their own Way. Not precisely in that Way which I could wish, but in a better Way than We could well expect, considering what an heterogeneous Body ...

Searched all words in all documents for Congress is tedious