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Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 13 December 1788 [electronic edition]
... written three times before but have very little to entertain you with politicks are confined much to New york the papers of which give us but little information and winter leaves us very little Scope for Farming or Husbandry. Col. Smith has a fine poultry yard consisting of Turkeys Geese fowls ducks in abundance a pair of very good Horses and two cows two pointers and two water dogs the Island ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 22 March 1797 [electronic edition]
... heard of. I would not have one of them for any Consideration. There is not a Carpet nor a Curtain, nor a Glass nor Linnen nor China nor any Thing. Dont expose this Picture. This morning I received your favours of March 12 and 13th. I am highly pleased with your Criticisms and Observations on my Adieus to the Senate, their Answer and my Reply. Before now you have a long Speech, which I hope ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 1 January 1799 [electronic edition]
... Wife, was too studious and addicted to scribbing to talk much to me when she was here. Our People grow amazingly fearless and valiant in Proportion as they hear the English beat the French: and that formiable Combinations are forming against them by Turkey, Russia, Austria and England. I dont like this bravery which grows in Proportion as Danger appears to lessen. I like ...
John Adams autobiography, part 3, "Peace," 1779-1780, sheet 6 of 18 [electronic edition]
... of the French Navy. A very fine Turkey was brought upon Table, among every Thing else that Land or Sea or Air could furnish. One of the Captains, as soon as he saw it, observed that he never saw one of those Birds on a Table but it excited in him a deep regret for the Abolition of that order of Ecclesiasticks the Jesuits to whom We were he said, indebted for so many Excellent Things, and among the Rest ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 24 September 1782 [electronic edition]
... their Exertions. We read in the Gazettes of Motions in Poland, and upon the Frontiers of Turkey and Russia, but I dont see a Probability of a War breaking out. If there should, I dont see how it can hurt Us. The English however seem to flatter themselves with Hopes, that by persevering, they may give an Opportunity to Time to ripen into Existence, conjunctures, now only in Embrio. They talk ...
Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 8 - 10 September 1775 [electronic edition]
... conveyance be kind eno to send me 1 oz. of turkey Rhubub, the root, and to procure me 1 quarter lb. of nutmegs for which here I used to give 2.8 Lawful, 1 oz. cloves, a of cinnamon. You may send me only a few of the nutmegs till Bass returns. I should be glad of 1 oz. of Indian root. So much sickness has occasiond a scarcity of Medicine. Distroy this. Such a doleful tale it contains can give ...
Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 16 January 1795 [electronic edition]
... he cannot help connecting plumb pudding, Roast Turkey and Minced Pye. He cannot give thanks upon Eggs and fish. It will always be thanksgiving Day to me, come at what time you will. It would be doubly so could I hear from our Sons. When you return I believe you must spend a day or two with Mrs Smith. She seems to be hurt that you pass on so rapidly and do not afford her a little more Time ...
Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 29 July 1776 [electronic edition]
... , and when we cannot walk we must ride, and if we can neither walk nor ride, we must be led. We sleep with windows open all Night, and Lay upon the Carpet or Straw Beds, Mattrass or any thing hard, abstain from Spirit, Salt and fats, fruit we Eat, all we can get, and those who like vegetables unseasond may Eat them, but that is not I. -- This doubtfull Buisness is very dissagreable as it will detain ...
Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 26 May 1789 [electronic edition]
... . They are carpets linnen &c. After I had done this I sat out to visit my Sister at Haverhill, leaving word that I would have any letter which should come in my absence sent to me. Two days after I left Home I received yours of May 13 and 14th. If I had been at Home I should immediately have gone about packing some part of my furniture, but today Mr. Ward deliverd me your Letter of May 18th. I am ...
Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 31 May 1789 [electronic edition]
... with decency, or stay with decorum, and to be at Jamaica I could do no more than if I was at Braintree to assist in any thing. -- The Trunks which I sent contain Bed and table Linnen some Cloths and the cases contain carpets. I will however be directed wholy by your wishes and come next week if you think it best, and you have any place to put me. You must be sensible from the tenor of your Letters ...

Searched all words in all documents for turkey carpets