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Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 1 August 1781 [electronic edition]
... avail me not a groat. I mentioned in a former Letter that I wished you to send me a chest of Bohea tea by any vessel of Mr. Tracys or Smiths. It would turn into money quicker The remainder of the letter is missing. ...
Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 23 April 1781 [electronic edition]
... to double what it ever has been before, it was down to a hard dollor per pound or 75 it is now at 15 Shillings. I have thought that a small chest of about one hundred weight of Bohea Tea, would turn to as good an account as any thing you could send me. This Letter is to go by a vessel of Mr. Tracys. If you think it expedient you may order it by her, as it will come freight free if consigned ...
Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 29 September 1781 [electronic edition]
... certainly touched the key which vibrates Harmony to me! I think I have requested you to send me a chest of Bohea Tea, by any vessel of Mr. Tracys. Do not think me extravagant -- I economize with the utmost Frugality I am capable of, but our Taxes are so high, and so numerous, that I know not which way to turn. I paied 60 hard dollars this week for a State and county Rate. I have 30 more to pay ...
Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 2 January 1779 [electronic edition]
... Alliance, to the amount of a 100 pounds which added to the Bill I drew in favour of Smith and Codman amounts to 2 hundred pounds Lawfull Money. I hope you will not think me extravagant, I could account for the expenditure of every shilling to your satisfaction; I will give you one instance of prices here. Yesterday I gave 12 pounds Lawfull Money for one pound of Bohea tea and 14 pounds of ...
Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 8 June 1779 [electronic edition]
... cloths sold at 40 pounds per yard-West India goods full as high, Molasses at 20 dollors per Gallon, sugar 4 dollors per pound, Bohea Tea at 40 dollors and our own produce in proportion, Butchers meat at 6 and 7 and 8 dollars shillings per pound, Board at 50 and 60 dollors per week. Rates 2 high, that I suppose you will rejoice at, so would I, did it remedy the Evil. I pay 5 hundred Dollors, and ...
John Adams autobiography, part 2, "Travels, and Negotiations," 1777-1778, sheet 26 of 37 [electronic edition]
... Thousands of Guineas. I told him I would sell him a thousand times as many for half a Guinea. His Water Works were curious, four Pumps going by means of two horses. The Mechanism was simple and ingenious. The Horses went round as in a Mill. The four Pumps empty themselves into a square Pond, which contains an Acre. From this Pond the Water flows, through Pipes, down to every Part of the Garden. I ...
John Adams diary 20, 28 February - 25 June 1774 [electronic edition]
... , was complete. The Justice and his Daughters were all joyous. 1774 SUNDAY MARCH 6TH. Heard Dr. Cooper in the Morning. Paine drank Coffee with me. Paine is under some Apprehensions of Troops, on Account of the high Proceedings, &c. He says there is a ship in to day, with a Consignment of Tea from some private Merchants at home -- &c. Last Thursday Morning March 3d. died Andrew ...
John Adams diary 1, 18 November 1755 - 29 August 1756 [electronic edition]
... in ruins about us. 7 Chimnies were shatter'd by it within one mile of my Fathers house. JANUARY THE 14TH. 1756. At Worcester. A very rainy Day. Kept school in the forenoon; but not in the afternoon, because of the weather and my own indisposition. 15. A fair morning and pretty warm. Kept school. Drank Tea at Mr. Swan's, with Mr. Thayer. 16 FRYDAY. A ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 29 June 1774, "The Prophet of York..." [electronic edition]
... York June 29 1774 My Dr. The Prophet of York has not prophecy'd in vain. There is in this Town and County a Laodiceanism that I have not found in any other Place. I find more Persons here, who call the Destruction of the Tea, Mischief and Wickedness, than any where else. More Persons who say that the Duty upon Tea is not a Tax, nor an Imposition because we are at Liberty to ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 5 September 1776 [electronic edition]
... Philadelphia Septr. 5, 1776 Mr. Bass arrived this Day, with the joyfull News, that you were all well. By this Opportunity, I shall send you a Cannister of Green Tea, by Mr. Hare. Before Mr. Gerry went away from hence, I asked Mrs. Yard to send a Pound of Green Tea to you. She readily agreed. When I came home at Night I was told Mr. G. was gone. I asked Mrs. Y. if she had sent the ...

Searched all words in all documents for bohea tea were emptied