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Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 23 April 1781 [electronic edition]
... it ever has been before, it was down to a hard dollor per pound or 75 it is now at 15 Shillings. I have thought that a small chest of about one hundred weight of Bohea Tea, would turn to as good an account as any thing you could send me. This Letter is to go by a vessel of Mr. Tracys. If you think it expedient you may order it by her, as it will come freight free if consigned to him, as the other ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 29 June 1774, "The Prophet of York..." [electronic edition]
... York June 29 1774 My Dr. The Prophet of York has not prophecy'd in vain. There is in this Town and County a Laodiceanism that I have not found in any other Place. I find more Persons here, who call the Destruction of the Tea, Mischief and Wickedness, than any where else. More Persons who say that the Duty upon Tea is not a Tax, nor an Imposition because we are at Liberty ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 2 October 1778 [electronic edition]
... Passi Octr. 2. 1778 My dearest Friend This goes by Captn. McNeil, who is an Adventurous Cruiser. It is not safe to write much by him. If Expressions of Tenderness, were necessary my Heart is full enough to write a great many. I send some Letters from Johnny, who intended to have written to his Brothers and indeed has written but there is not time to copy them. I think ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 12 November 1798 [electronic edition]
... Marlborough Nov. 12. 1798 My dearest Friend At Flaggs We were favoured by a civil Passenger in the Mail Stage with a Newspaper of this day, and read the Accounts mentioned by the Governor in the Morning. The Letter from Admiral Nelson is still wanting. We stopped at the Gate of Mr. Packard, alighted and made a Visit to Mrs. Quincy and Mr. and Mrs. Packard. All very kind, friendly ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 2 February 1777 [electronic edition]
... Baltimore Feby. 2, 1777 Last Evening We arrived safe in this Town after the longest journey, and through the worst Roads and the worst Weather, that I have ever experienced. My Horses performed extreamly well. Baltimore is a very pretty Town, situated on Petapsco River, which empties itself into the great Bay of Cheasapeak. The Inhabitants are all good Whiggs, having sometime ago ...
Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 1 August 1781 [electronic edition]
... mentioned in a former Letter that I wished you to send me a chest of Bohea tea by any vessel of Mr. Tracys or Smiths. It would turn into money quicker The remainder of the letter is missing. ...
John Adams autobiography, part 3, "Peace," 1779-1780, sheet 9 of 18 [electronic edition]
... in Us, who were totally ignorant of the Language, understood none of the Arguments and felt none of the Sentiments. I dare say the Arguments at our Bars would appear more insipid and disgusting to them as our Language is less sonorous, and infested with very disagreeable Sibilations. 1779 December 22. Wednesday. Drank Tea at Senior Lagoaneres. Saw the Ladies ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 6 August 1777 [electronic edition]
... Philadelphia Aug. 6, 1777 Wednesday Price current. -- Oak Wood £4 : 15s: od. Pr. Cord. Bad Beer, not so good as your Small Beer, 15d: Pr. Quart. Butter one Dollar Pr. Pound. Beef 2s: 6d. Coffee a dollar a Pound. Bohea 8 dollars. Souchong £4: 10s. Hyson £6. Mean brown sugar 6s. 6d. a pound. Loaf sugar 18s. a pound. Rum 45s. a Gallon. Wine 2 dollars a Bottle. The Hounds are all still inat ...
Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 6 July 1774, "Our J. [Justice] H. [Hutchinson] is eternally giving his Political Hints..." [electronic edition]
... in the Meeting House). -- "I've known many very bad Determinations in the Lords House of late" says he, meaning a Fling upon the Clergy.-He is perpetually flinging about the Fasts, and ironically talking about getting Home to the Fast. A Gentleman told me, that he had heard him say frequently, that the Fast was perfect Blasphemy. -- "Why dont they pay for the Tea? Refuse to pay for the Tea! and go ...
John Adams autobiography, part 2, "Travels, and Negotiations," 1777-1778, sheet 26 of 37 [electronic edition]
... of Guineas. I told him I would sell him a thousand times as many for half a Guinea. His Water Works were curious, four Pumps going by means of two horses. The Mechanism was simple and ingenious. The Horses went round as in a Mill. The four Pumps empty themselves into a square Pond, which contains an Acre. From this Pond the Water flows, through Pipes, down to every Part of the Garden. I enquired ...

Searched all words in all documents for bohea tea were emptied