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Volume 1: Newspapers, 7 January 1765 to 26 December 1767: Page 760[about this page]

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The Boston-Gazette, and Country Journal, 16 November 1767

Announcement from Philadelphia of marriage of Richard Bache and Sally Franklin (Benjamin Franklin's daughter). Announcement from Boston of marriage of William Pepperell and Elizabeth Royall. Letter dated 10 November 1767 from H-- F-- of Old Colony to the Boston Assembly expressing concern about the conduct of the Governor towards the Boston representatives.

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  • Page 760

About Page 760:

  • Bache, Richard
  • Franklin, Sally
  • Pepperrell, William
  • Sparhawk, Nathaniel
  • Royall, Elizabeth
  • Marriage announcement of Benjamin Franklin's daughter

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Sequence Number 765 of 796; Volume 1 of 4.

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