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Volume 2: Newspapers, 4 January 1768 to 25 December 1769: Page 228[about this page]

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About Page 228:

  • Henshaw, Joshua
  • Jackson, Joseph
  • Ruddock, John
  • Hancock, John
  • Rowe, John
  • Pemberton, Samuel
  • Inches, Henderson
  • Dentistry - Paul Revere, goldsmith and John Baker, dentist. One hundred English fruit trees to be sold by William Davidson in Seven-Star Lane. Chocolate, cocoa, groceries sold by John Goldsmith. Sermons by Rev. Samuel Davies sold by Joseph Edwards in Cornhill. Joseph Barrell - selling tea, sugar etc. Samuel A. Otis - various household items. Jane Eustis in King Street, selling silk, muslin, linen, lace etc. The late Mr Quincy - English and Indian goods. William Greenleaf - English goods. Jonathan and John Amory - fabrics, hats, writing paper, gloves etc. Richard Smith in King Street - English and Indian goods. John Langdon - various candles.
  • Jacobite Plot of 1697, Selectmen of Boston

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