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Volume 2: Newspapers, 4 January 1768 to 25 December 1769: Page 231[about this page]

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About Page 231:

  • Capt., Davis
  • Capt., Scott
  • Capt., Lyde
  • Lynde, Benjamin
  • Cushing, John
  • Josselyn, Joseph
  • Warren, James
  • Turner, Charles
  • Torrey, Caleb
  • Dentistry - Paul Revere, goldsmith and John Baker, dentist. Joshua Blanchard - wine and rum at Dock Square. Andrew Oliver - house and shop to let in Cornhill. John Gerrish selling cloth, linens, shirts, ruffles, handkerchiefs. J. Russell, auctioneer, selling house furniture at home of Benjamin Hatch, a chaise and harness, chaise horse. William Moreland - schooner. Ezekiel Price - the slooper Liberty to be sold by order of the court.
  • Arrivals to Custom House by name and port, outbound from Custom House by name and destination. Act preventing firing of guns. Assessors. Request made to Benjamin Lynde, Justice of the Peace, to hold a meeting in Hanover, Plymouth to choose a moderator, clerk, treasurer, collector of taxes, settling of accounts and debts, determine where lots shall be laid. Scituate, notice given of meeting with land proprietors

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