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Volume 2: Newspapers, 4 January 1768 to 25 December 1769: Page 232[about this page]

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About Page 232:

  • Condy, Jeremiah, Rev
  • Callender, Rev.
  • Lee, Jeremiah
  • Coles, William
  • Ropes, Nathaniel
  • Stacey, George
  • Reed, Richard
  • Mansfield, Isaac
  • King, Thomas
  • Abraham, Woodward
  • Quincy, Edmund
  • Samuel Hughes selling a vast array of goods. John Langdon selling candles. Alexander Smith, Ralph Inman, selling coals on board the ship Industry. Otis, Samuel Allyne selling large variety of goods - fabrics, sugar, spices, twine, iron pots. Richard Smith selling pewter, gun powder, cutlery etc. Caleb Blanchard selling hosiery - breeches, gloves, mitts, on Union Street. Thomas Gray, Thomas Hubbard, William Thompson to be consulted regarding the selling and letting of various properties and lots of land.
  • Detailed obituary of Rev. Jeremiah Condy detailing his life and character. Probate judge examining claims of debt against man who died intestate in Marblehead, Essex

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