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Volume 2: Newspapers, 4 January 1768 to 25 December 1769: Page 494[about this page]

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About Page 494:

  • Bernard, Francis, Gov.
  • Hillsborough, Lord
  • Burke, Bedford, Barre, Wederburn, Dowdesfall, Saville, G. Sir
  • North, Lord
  • Pickman, Benjamin
  • Cabot, Francis
  • Frye, Peter
  • Hall, Mr.
  • Auchmuty, Robert
  • Panton, Lieut.
  • Caldwell, Capt.
  • Hood, Commodore
  • Otis, James
  • Cushing, Thomas
  • Adams, Samuel
  • Hancock, John
  • Mackay, General
  • Bartlett, Capt.
  • Wanton, Joseph
  • Sessions, Darius
  • Gardner, Thomas
  • Bordman, Andrew
  • John Edwards - five grist mills to be let. John Harris - Harpsichord and Spinnet maker/tuner, and watch case maker/repairs - at Mr Gawen Brown's, King Street. J. Russell, auctioneer, to sell fabrics, hats etc. Captain Charles Henry will sail for Charleston on the Sloop Hawke - freight or passage can be applied for to Richard Clarke & Son - have wares to sell. Reward from Stephen Harris for the return of his run-away servant Charles Stockman.
  • Merchants agreed that goods sent from England should not be opened, in accordance with existing agreement regarding importation. Governor Bernard hoping to have an Act of Parliament passed to allow him to expel his council and justices should they not agree with his plans - extract of a letter from Bernard to Lord Hillsborough. Account of goods imported to Salem from England (including over 20 chests of tea), which has breached the importation agreement. Trial soon to begin, for the death of lieutenant Panton on board the Rose Man of War. Vote at Faneuil Hall for General Assembly representatives. Governor says he can confine troops to their barracks, but is unable to remove them from town. Universal Club. Captain Bartlett had little luck off loading a cargo of tea. Election at Newport and Cambridge. Revenue Act.

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