The Photography of Francis Blake


From 1884 through 1893, while Francis Blake developed his interest in the science of photography, he also devoted significant time and energy to refining his home at Keewaydin. In July of 1884, Blake finished renovations on the estate that included terraced gardens, a photography room, machine shop, and private library for his scientific studies. The Cottage, a second group of buildings built a short distance from the main house, also contained two bowling alleys and a ninety-seat theater, in which the Blakes produced plays acted by their friends and neighbors for Boston audiences. Francis Blake was, however, not satisified with such improvements alone, and in 1893, he had the main house "modernized" by encasing it in 32,700 pounds of Perth Amboy brick. Blake photographed both renovations extensively, capturing the transformations of Keewaydin in strikingly detailed images.


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