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W. Scull published "A Map of Pennsylvania..." after the war and dedicated it to the Penns, who owned most of the unsettled land, probably to advertise the availability of western lands for settlement. This may explain why the map omits any note of the Proclamation Line of 1763, which prohibited settlement west of the Appalachian water divide. The detail also highlights the north-south ridge lines and many streams that Gen. Edward Braddock and later Gen. John Forbes encountered as they moved their armies westward to Fort Duquesne.

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One plate of “A Map of Pennsylvania Exhibiting not only the Improved Parts of the Province, but also Its Extensive Frontiers: Laid down From Actual Surveys and Chiefly From the late Map of W. Scull Published in 1770; and Humbly Inscribed to the Honourable Thomas Penn and Richard Penn Esquires True and Absolute Proprietaries & Governors of the Province of Pennsylvania and the Territories thereunto belonging.”

By W. Scull.
London: Published by Robert Sayer, 1775.
Dimensions of entire sheet: 21 3/16 X 29 1/8 inches.
Dimensions of image: 14 X 27 1/8 inches.
Plate 36.3 from Atlas Des Colonies Angloises en Amerique (after 1777). [Title of atlas taken from manuscript title page.]

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