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The Kennebec River rises deep in Maine at Moosehead Lake. It flows southeasterly and empties into the Gulf of Maine near Sequin Island. During the war, this river provided a critical water link between Canada and northern New England. French and Indians favored the Chaudiere-Kennebec route (see upper-left inset of map) for invasions, although it required a brief portage (a land crossing) between the two rivers. In the north, the Chaudiere connected with the St. Lawrence River, which led to Lake Ontario to the west and to the coast of Nova Scotia to the east.

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“Plan of Kennebeck & Sagadahock Rivers, & Country adjacent.

Engraving by Thomas Johnston based on surveys by Joseph Heath, Phineas Jones, John North and Ephraim Jones.
Boston, 1754.
Dimensions of entire sheet: 27 3/4 X 37 1/2 inches.
Dimensions of image: 21 5/8 X 30 7/8 inches.

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