The Super Bowl and the Cradle of Liberty

As the Patriots and Eagles prepare for the Super Bowl on February 4, two esteemed history organizations—one in Boston and the other in Philadelphia—place a wager on whose city is the true Cradle of Liberty.

On 4 February, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will battle it out in Minnesota. While bets abound as to what will go down on the football field, two esteemed organizations are focusing on another matter: history. The winning football team will help to answer the age-old question: which Super Bowl city is the true "Cradle of Liberty?" 

In the spirit of friendly competition, Catherine Allgor, President of the Massachusetts Historical Society, and Michael C. Quinn, President and CEO of the Museum of the American Revolution have entered into a wager. When the Patriots win, President Quinn will travel to Boston to deliver a speech on why Boston is the true "Cradle of Liberty" and dine on lobster rolls and Boston cream pie. However, should the Eagles pull off a victory, President Allgor will travel to Philadelphia to speak about the City of Brotherly Love as the "Cradle of Liberty" and dine on cheesesteak.