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MHS Joins Current Scholarship Program at JSTOR

MHRThe MHS has signed on to join the Current Scholarship Program (CSP), a new digital initiative of JSTOR.  A leader in the digitization of scholarly journals since 1995, JSTOR is a not-for-profit service that provides online access to back issues of over 1,200 scholarly journals to students and faculty at over 6,000 educational institutions around the world.  With CSP, which will launch in 2011, JSTOR is making its first foray as a partner to publishers in the digital publishing of new scholarly content.  The MHS is now among 14 presses that have decided to participate, including major presses such as University of California Press, the University of Chicago Press, and the University of Illinois Press.

The MHS began its relationship with JSTOR several years ago, when arrangements were made to include back issues of the Massachusetts Historical Review on the JSTOR platform. By joining CSP, the MHS will also publish each new issue of the MHR through JSTOR, where it will be made available alongside hundreds of other history journals and promoted to a much larger audience than it currently reaches. 

The Society will also continue to print the journal for our Members and Fellows.  When CSP launches, however, Members and Fellows will also have the option of accessing the digital journal as a benefit of membership.  We look forward to making this available and to seeing our articles becoming a resource for an ever larger group of students and researchers.

For more information about the Current Scholarship Program, see University of Chicago Press, and the University of Illinois Press.

Published: Wednesday, 12 May, 2010, 12:38 PM