Object of the Month


August 2004

Letter from Eleanor "Nora" Saltonstall to her family

July 2004

Letter from Alexander Hamilton to Theodore Sedgwick, 10 July 1804

Hamilton wrote this letter the day before his duel with Aaron Burr.

June 2004

Colombo Yogurt: A Massachusetts Success Story

Colombo Yogurt 8-ounce container

May 2004

The Columbia and Washington Medal

The Columbia and Washington Medal commemorating "the first American Adventure on the Pacific Ocean."

April 2004

The Boston News-Letter

This is the first issue of the first continuously published newspaper in America.

March 2004

The Tragedy of Zara

"On Saturday next will be perform'd, by a society of ladies and gentlemen, at Faneuil-Hall, the Tragedy of Zara ... "

February 2004

Preble before Tripoli

Edward Preble and the burning of the Philadelphia

January 2004

The Mischief at Deerfield

Letter from William Whiting to Fitz-John Winthrop, 4 March 1703/4 [1704]

December 2003

100th Anniversary of First Flight

Letters by Octave Chanute and Godfrey L. Cabot following the Wright brothers' successful flights at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

November 2003

Atkins Family Photographs

Robert M. Grey, Mr. Brooks, and Thomas Barbour gathering papayas at the Harvard Botanical Garden, Soledad, Cuba

October 2003

View of Boston & Albany passenger train from grounds of Keewaydin

Photograph by Francis Blake, circa 1885

September 2003

"I have not yet begun to fight"

Copper medal by Augustin Dupré, circa 1787

August 2003

Map of Massachusetts Proper

Compiled from actual surveys made by Order of the General Court and under the inspection of Agents of their appointment. by Osgood Carleton; engraved by Joseph Callender and Samuel Hill, 1801.

June 2003

The Last Horse Drawn Streetcar in Boston

May 2003

Daguerreotype of Faneuil Hall

April 2003

The Boston Red Sox

March 2003

Aid for Mother Ireland

February 2003

The Ratification of the U.S. Constitution in Massachusetts

January 2003

Amistad Letters to JQA

December 2002

Benjamin Franklin Tries to Electrocute a Turkey

November 2002

John Hancock

October 2002

John Singleton Copley

September 2002

New England Maps

August 2002

Schoolgirl Needlework

July 2002

Declaration of Independence

June 2002

Women and War

May 2002

Order of the Rising Sun

April 2002

Paul Revere's Ride

March 2002

Harriet Beecher Stowe

February 2002

Anthony Burns Checks

January 2002

New Year's Address

December 2001

Santa Claus Bank Note

November 2001

The Parkman Murder

October 2001

Indian Ledger Art

September 2001

Phillis Wheatley

August 2001

The Sons of Liberty