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Images of the Antislavery Movement in Massachusetts
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Banner, "The Almighty has No Attribute that can take Sides ..."

Banner, "God Himself is with us for our Captain ..."

Banner, "Great is Truth!"

Banner, "The Liberator Commenced January 1st 1831"

Banner, "Our Fanaticism! All Men are Created Equal ..."

Banner, "Our Trust for Victory is Solely in God ..."

Banner, "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land ..."

Banner, "Shall a Republic Which Could Not Bear the Bonds of a King ..."

Banner, "This is the Lord's Doing"

Billy club of the League of Masachusetts Freemen

Billy clubs (used by bodyguards)

Embossing Seal, Am I Not a Woman and a Sister

Iron yoke slave collar

Medal, Am I Not a Woman and a Sister

Whip, vellum

Whip, leather





Anti-Slavery Meetings!

Antislavery wafers

Church Anti-Slavery Society

Comparison of Products, Population, and Resources of the Free and Slave States

The Cotton Kingdom

The Dorchester Anti-Slavery Society's Celebration; July 4th 1835

Envelope for antislavery wafers

First Anniversary of the Kidnapping of Thomas Sims, by the City of Boston

For the Twenty-Fifth National Anti-Slavery Subscription Anniversary, at the Music Hall, Boston, Wednesday Evening, January 26, 1859

Great Anti-slavery Meetings!

Great Massachusetts Petition

Hymns, for the Rural Anti-Slavery Celebration, at Dedham

Liberty's Song

The Man is Not Bought! He is Still in the Slave Pen in the Court House!

Murderers, Thieves and Blacklegs Employed by Marshal Freeman

No Slavery! Fourth of July!

Order of Services at the First Anniversary of the Kidnapping of Thomas Sims

Slave Market of America

A Startling Fact!

Stop Thief

Ticket to the Anti-Slavery Bazaar in Boston, Massachusetts, 1855-1856

Ticket to the Anti-Slavery Refreshment Room, 1855

Ticket to the 23rd Anti-Slavery Bazaar in Boston, Massachusetts, 1857

The Twenty-Fifth National Anti-Slavery Subscription Anniversary. You are cordially invited by the Ladies ...

The Twenty-seventh Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society ...





African American female, chained and kneeling ...

George Latimer

The Innocent Cause of the War

James Armistead Lafayette

"The Mill-Boy of the Slashes" (political cartoon)

Scene on the Coast of Africa

For more engravings and prints, see the finding aid to the Portraits of American Abolitionists collection.





Diagram to show the drill of the Anti-Man Hunting League had for the running off a slave or man-hunter





"Bress de Lor, we am Contraban"

"By Golly massa Butler. I like dis better dan workin' in de field for ole Sesesh massa"

Come back here you black rascal. Can't come back nohow, massa; Dis chile's Contraban'

Confederate Bonds

Dinah and Pompey

Dis Chile's Contraban'

Dixie's Land

"Him Fader's hope ..."

"I wouldn't pull down dat Flag ..."

I'm Glad I'm Not in Dixie! Hooray! Hooray!

I'm Just From Dixie's Land

The Innocent Cause of the War

Jeff the Dictator ...

John Bull's Sympathy

A King for the South

The Lock and Key

Map of the Seat of War

"Massa can't have dis chile, dat's what's de matter"

Music by the "Contra Band"

The "Peculiar" Institution

The "Peculiar Institution." Secession's Moving Foundation

The persuasive eloquence of the Sunny South

The Result of Secession


Southern Chivalry


Washwoman Davis

"We is de innocent root ob dis yere trubble, Mass' Jeff, but its gwine to take all us poor niggas' breff away to keep de wind in it"

"Whar's Jeff Davis?"

You had better get out dere, Massa Jeff





African Meeting House, Boston, Massachusetts

The branded hand of Captain Jonathan Walker

Young Africa. Or the Bone of Contention.

For more photographs, see the finding aid to the Portraits of American Abolitionists collection.





John Albion Andrew; portrait by William Morris Hunt

George Livermore; portrait by James Carroll Beckwith

Louisa Gilman Loring; portrait (watercolor) by William Page

Louisa Gilman Loring; portrait by William Page

Ellis Gray Loring; portrait by Eastman Johnson

Wendell Phillips; portrait by Charles V. Bond

Wendell Phillips; portrait by unidentified artist

Franklin Benjamin Sanborn; portrait by Cloyd L. Boykin

Catherine Sargent; miniature portrait by Caroline Negus

Charles Sumner; portrait by Darius Cobb

Charles Sumner; portrait by unidentified artist

For more portraits see the finding aid to the Portraits of American Abolitionists collection. Please note: these portraits are photographs, engravings, and photomechanicals.





John Albion Andrew; marble bust by Thomas Ridgeway Gould

William Lloyd Garrison; marble bust by Anne Whitney

Samuel E. Sewall; marble bust by Anne Whitney

Charles Sumner; marble bust by Thomas Crawford