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    [The following note appears in pencil at top of letterbook page: ] May. 20. 61 Wrote to Mr. Seward urging the importance
    of Govt sustaining the Union men of Tenn.

    Boston.May. 22. 61

    Dear Sir

    A meeting of gentlemen has just been
    held at my office to consider the sub-
    ject of maintaining the Union men in
    E. Tenn. & a comee of three consistg. of
    Mr. Edw. Everett, Judge Parker & Judge
    Hoar was chosen to urge the necessity
    of support upon the Nat. Govt. They are
    now writing a letter to the Prest. This
    will all be done in a manner not
    to come before the public.

    I have a letter from Mr. A. T. Stewart
    of N.Y. who will bring it before the
    "Union Defence Comee" of the State. This
    too will be done so as not to create
    difficulty for you at home.

    You must have some more money &
    I hope to send you a mod. sum.

    Yours respy & truly
    Amos A. Lawrence

    [Subscription (recipient's name and address at foot of page)] Hon. And. Johnson. Knoxville