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    May 22, 1861 164

    The undersigned having received definite and
    undoubted information that a crisis exists in
    East Tennessee involving the safety of the
    Union men in that section and the continued
    support of the lawful authority of the United
    States therein, recommend that contributions
    for this object be made by citizens of Massachusetts.

    May 22, 1861

    Amos A Lawrence
    John G. Palfry
    Gardner Brewer
    Abbott Lawrence
    Edward Everett [?] [This character seems to be a question mark.]
    Joel Parker
    Benj F Thomas
    B.F. Hallett
    John Lowell
    E.R. Hoar
    G.H. Shaw
    James Lawrence
    William Ropes
    Jas M Beebe
    [The following notes appears towards the bottom of the page:]

    Money returned to the Subscriber July 8, '61
    1550 = ck
    + 10 = bill

    The undersigned will give the sums set against our
    names to sustain Andrew Johnson & the Union men
    of Tenn. in their struggle for constitutional Govt. in
    that state.

    G. Howland Shaw (by AAL) one hundred dollars Paid June 14th /61
    paid. Amos A Lawrence Two hundred dollars
    paid James Lawrence by AAL. one hundred doll's.
    Paid Gardner Brewer One hundred dollars
    paid Abbott Lawrence One hundred dollars
    Paid _Read, Gardner & Co, One hundred Dollars x
    paid J.M. Forbes . Two Hundred Dollars
    S. Hooper One Hundred Dollars
    R.M. Mason. One Hundred Dollars. Paid.
    paid June 7th /61, W.F. Weld & Co, One hundred dollars.
    [David Sears] - One hundred dollars Paid
    paid J.H. Wolcott (by. AAL) fifty doll's
    paid J.C. Howe     " [This quotation mark is used in the original manuscript to repeat the phrase "by AAL" directly above it in the previous line] fifty dollars paid
    paid J. Wiley Edmands fifty doll-
    pd Henry Cabot (by J.L.) fifty dollars paid
    pd S. Frothingham Twenty five doll's.
    pd. T.A. Goddard Twenty five dollars Simon Jones $10 paid
    paid Thos. Wigglesworth Fifty dollars
    paid Edward Wigglesworth Fifty dollars
    paid P.C. Brooks Fifty dollars
    paid Samuel G. Ward Fifty dollars

    the bearer is authorized to receive the
    checks of the subscribers

    Amos A Lawrence
    June 4, 61


    [The following appears along the long edge of this page:] Subscription