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    Head Quarters 1st Brigade
    Pecks Divis July, 15, 1862

    Dear Wife

        I am very uneasy to
    hear from you as it is over a week since I hurd
    from you, and I searched vainely in the pile
    of letters this morning for one of those narrow
    familier envelopes that I am so glad to see –
    I know you write if you are not sick but
    I dont understand why I got got them as I
    hear from Willey and he gets his regular enough –
    Willey was down here and stoped nearly all day
    and took a lunch with me he is looking well,
    and as saucy as ever, the 1st mass, is prety
    well used up their not being even 2 good compa –
    -nies left, but their are no worse than some
    others, the 11th main in this Brigade is just
    as bad, Swarms of Officers are trying to get
    home or trying to resigne, but now is the time
    that tries a good soldier, and when it becomes
    every man to stick and hang, untill things
    change for the better, they get panic struck
    as they are not posted – the fact is the enimy
    never showed so little disposition to attack us
    as they do at present - they are a long way
    of from us and are just as badly whiped
    as we are in fact we killed 3 to one as insome caces whole regiments of them were mowed
    down by our superior artilary – but I do hope
    that the people of the north will stop crokering
    and take a musket and fight I want to see
    the governer draft as they make better soldiers
    I verily believe than volunteers, and then
    some of the crokers will have to an oppertunity
    of displaying their ability to whip the rebels with
    75 Thousand men when they have 200 Thousand
    and as brave men as ever fought all though
    deluded as they are – to concern them it
    will oblige us to not only eaquel them but as
    in all cases of an war of invasion we mus
    have half as many men more to whip them,
    and not less than one half – I think that
    we have done our share and as every man
    has as much rite to fight for his country as
    another let the governer draft at once and
    have the men called for put into the field
    at once to do their share of the fighting – and
    if I had my way I would shut up congress
    put a gun in each members hand and stop
    at once the bigest eavel of the lot and that
    is, two cent lawyers and poloticians undertaking
    to controle this war which is something
    they know nothing about, and they are
    answerable for the thousands of unknown ded
    that cover the ground from heare to Richmund
    and for the suffering of the troops who have ben obliged to fight their way through 3 times
    their number and very many who wer
    wounded even slightly, wer left on the
    field many of them to die from exposir and
    neglect, so much for Poloticians who take
    good care to keep out of the fight, interfeering
    in something they know nothing about –
    I will make a prediction that if this Army
    is not reinfosed within 2 weeks with 100 Thousd
    men so as we can march to Richmund at
    once – we will have to go home and give
    up the fight to those who with meens
    at their disposial not an hundredth part
    of ours, manage to beet and out maneuver us
    by leting Military men attend to mili -
    tary matters, and Poloticians attend to
    polotics, but I supose you will be tired
    out before you read this through and
    I know Mc Clellan is up to something, as
    troops are pasing up the river and something
    may yet be done before we know it –
    I looke so at all events – the weather
    is warm but pleasent, in fact the middle
    of the day it is imposible to keep out in the
    sun, and I take the liberty to keep as
    coole as posible and as this Genl is as
    lazy as I am we don’t fight about it –
    as long as I take charge of the numerous
    reports & reterns which are so numerous that they frighten the old fellow so I have
    it all my own way so far so good, love to every –
    body to baby & mother in particular
    and to Amand my dear wife

        Your effectionate Husband