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    Camp near Falmouth Va
    Sunday Jan. 25th 1862 [1863]

    Dear Mother

    I have just received
    your letter of the 18th I will
    answer it this afternoon. I am
    now back in Camp with the Regt.
    The Regt left here last Tuesday afternoon
    the whole Army being on the move
    they had got only some two miles
    when it began to rain quite hard
    and they were ordered back to their
    old Camp so they came back and
    stopped over night and started again
    in the morning although it was raining
    quite hard. they only went some 8 miles
    for the rain had made the ground so
    soft that the cannons could not move

    and the wagons could not get up
    with provisions so they had to go
    to work and build roads by laying down
    trees to get the artillery back on
    Burnside concluding that it was not
    the right time to move when the
    roads were so muddy. The Regt got
    back into the old Camp night before
    last, yesterday I left the Hospital and
    came back to the Co, for I should
    have starved to death if I had
    stayed there much longer I am about
    as well now as I was before I was
    taken sick and if I have had the
    measles they are different things from
    what I thought they were. I do not think
    that we shall stop here long probably move
    as soon as the roads get hard again
    although one of our Co who is a medium
    says that we shall stop here five weeks
    and when we move go 75 miles he saysthat the war will last until
    1866 Joe Hooker will soon have command
    of the Army and in 1866 McClellan will
    be reinstated and he will end the war.
    We got paid off yesterday, for two months
    although they owed us for most 5 but
    government is probably affraid that if
    they paid us for 4 months some of them might
    take a notion to go home without asking
    leave, some of them have gone as it
    is two whole Companies from one of
    Sickle’ses Regiments deserted as soon as they
    got their pay, this Army is getting pretty
    well demoralized I am not a going to
    send any money home just yet although
    I will in a few days if I can not use
    it for some particular purpose out here
    Our Sutler is here with quite an assortment
    of goods and he has to sell just as the
    Colonel says and the Colonel favors the
    men he sells cheese 25 cents other sutlers 50
    condensed milk 50 others 75 raisins 35 others 60 tobacco 1.25 a lb other sutlers ask 2.00
    butter 45 others 60 cents, so you can see that
    the Colonel saves a great many cents for the
    men, although the sutler is mad enough
    about it. It has cleared off this afternoon
    and the sun has come out the Regt is
    now out on a Brigade inspection I believe
    I got the Reporter with the letter
    Horace is well got a letter from home
    to day Ward Jewell is getting better about
    as well as usual I think of nothing
    else to write except that I have got
    a good house with a fire place in
    it which is a good thing in this part
    of the Country.